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2K24 Classic Teams: 2013-14 Clippers

The famous basketball game NBA 2K24 has been officially released. In the most basic “Quick Match” mode of the 2K series, players can choose the team of the season, as well as many classic teams. Today’s team for you is the Clippers from the 2013-14 season.

The Clippers were led by Paul, Griffin and Jordan, known as the “Big Three of the Western Conference.” Paul is the league’s top point guard, Griffin is the league’s top power forward, and Jordan Jr. is the league’s top inside linebacker. The trio teamed up on offense and defense, and were one of the most dominant teams in the league at the time.

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In the regular season, the Clippers had 57 wins and 25 losses, ranking third in the Western Conference. In the first round of the playoffs, they eliminated the Warriors 4-3, and then lost to the Thunder led by Durant and Willow 2-4 in the second round, missing the Western Conference Finals.

2K24 Classic Teams: 2013-14 Clippers

In 2K24, the Clippers’ 2013-14 season was characterized by the following:

The Big Three are very powerful, with Paul’s organizational ability, Griffin’s offensive explosiveness and Jordan Jr.’s defensive dominance.
The team’s offensive game is very fluid, specializing in fast breaks and high throws.
On the defensive end, the team’s rotation is very fast and can create a lot of pressure on the opponent.
If you are a 2K24 player and want to experience a team that plays both offense and defense, then the 2013-14 Clippers are a great choice.

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