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56 trillion yuan financial institution response

Source: Shanghai Securities News

In 2023, the premium income exceeded 641.3 billion yuan, and the scale of premiums reached a record high; the cumulative dividend of 20 years of listing was over 190 billion yuan; the total assets and investment assets climbed a new high, and the double doubles exceeded 5.6 trillion yuan …

March 28,China Life InsuranceGroup Chairman Bai Tao,China Life InsurancePresident Li Mingguang and Management Detailed Explanation of the Company’s Practice and Thoughts behind the performance answer sheet of 2023.

For the downward trend of market interest rates,China Life InsuranceWhy do you deal with it?Facing the complex investment environment, how does the investment end get excess returns?As a financial state -owned enterprise, how do you write five major articles in finance?For these market hotspots, management responded to the market at the press conference.

Put digital finance in a more prominent position

In response to how to do a good topic of finance’s five major articles, Bai Tao said that this requires this needChina Life InsuranceAnswer in long -term practice, mainly in four aspects.

He specifically stated that one is to focus on the responsibility,InsuranceWhat the company is doing, you need to understand this question; the second is to make full use of itInsuranceFund advantages; third, we must continue to innovate; fourth is to keep the risk bottom line.

Talking about the current capital market, Bai Tao admits that what is lacking in the market is patient capital and long -term capital, and life insurance funds have the characteristics and characteristics of patient capital and long -term capital.At the same time, life insurance funds can be available for debt and stocks, and the combination is flexible, which is a very important feature of life insurance funds.

“Therefore, we must optimize investment portfolios, innovate investment methods, provide full -cycle financial services for modern construction, self -reliance, and green development of modernization, self -reliance, and green development, and inject more financial live water into economic development.” Bai Tao said.

According to him,China Life InsuranceThe 50 billion yuan Health Fund launched has supported more than 50 healthy companies, of which more than 10 companies have been listed, creating good social and economic benefits.

“at present,InsuranceThe challenges facing the industry are still relatively large.”Bai Tao believes that you can respond to the challenges facing the insurance industry through service, architecture, and model innovation. One of the important things is digital transformation and innovation, laying the bridge of digital transformation, and put digital finance in a more prominent position.In the past, the company’s operating efficiency and customer experience are better.

Do a good job of investing well on the premise of knowing liability characteristics

The interest rate problem is the hot topic in the current market. Li Mingguang is answering ShanghaiSecuritiesWhen asked questions from the reporter, most of the long -term insurance business and interest rates are closely related. Therefore, a very important task operated by the life insurance industry is interest rate management.China Life InsuranceFor more than 20 years, the interest rate fluctuation cycle has been experienced. In response to the risk of interest rate fluctuations in different periods, the company has precipitated the corresponding concept and corresponding technology.

In response to the current interest rate environment, Li Mingguang said that China Life has always adhered to long -termism and has also adopted a series of measures.

First, the concept is first, further strengthen the important role of asset -liability management in the company’s business process, and penetrate this concept to all aspects of the company’s operation, the entire chain.”We have done a lot of homework in terms of product development and service sales, investment management operations, capital management, compliance management, etc. The purpose is to unify the concept and unified ideas, and go to the new interest rate environment to form a joint force.” Li Mingguang

In terms of product supply, Li Mingguang said that the company has formed a product system with diverse forms, diversified matters, and diversified costs. On the basis of serving good customers, it has continuously broaden the company’s interest rate risk management chain.In the current environment, the company has continuously strengthened forward -looking research and scientifically priced scientific pricing according to the liquidity of each product, product type, etc.

On the investment side, he introduced that China Life has strengthened the linkage of bourgeoisie and continuously strengthened investment capacity building.Under the premise of knowing the characteristics of liabilities, make good investment; under the premise of deeply knowing investment, do a good job of product supply.

Secondly, make good investment.”In recent years, we have continuously strengthened market research to improve investment management capabilities and stabilize medium- and long -term investment levels.” Li Mingguang said.

China Life is still constantly strengthening the construction of underwriting capabilities.”We emphasize the use and analysis of huge amounts of data, and continuously improve the ability of risk pricing. The construction of these capabilities will eventually bring the company’s diversification to the company.” Li Mingguang told the reporter of the SSE.

Li Mingguang said that the company will further integrate a number of internal resources, including customer resources, channel resources, service resources, ecological resources, scientific and technological resources, etc. These resources have huge potential, and the company will transform and empowerment by integrating resources.

In response to the recent hot -discussing expense management issues in the industry, Li Mingguang revealed that the company is constantly strengthening the management of hospitals at all levels to improve the cost efficiency to a relatively high level. At the same timeMore refined, contribute to the company’s cost reduction and efficiency.

FocusbankCapital debt, high dividend stocks

At present, the cost of liabilities in the insurance industry is relatively high. How to better obtain excess returns under the downward pressure of interest rates, it has become a hot topic in the industry.

Liu Hui, vice president of China Life, said that in terms of solidarity, the company continues to improve long -term asset allocation, and at the same time focuses on the benefits of yieldsbankCapital debts and other varieties, grasp the income of transactions.

“In terms of equity, the company will continue to promote the diverse strategy and optimize the structure, focusing on the value of the allocation of high dividends and reducing the volatility of the portfolio.” Liu Hui said that in terms of alternative investmentABS and strategic emerging industries and future industries are layout, and the long -term value contribution of alternative investment to the overall investment portfolio is enhanced.

For those who have received much attentionOceanInvestment situation, Liu Hui admits that the company is currently rightOceanThe investment in investment is very small. It has been completed last year to reduce its holdings and will not have any adverse new impact on the company in the future.

Regarding the next real estate investment strategy, Liu Hui said that the company will strictly control the credit risk and asset quality of the investment project.At present, the company’s real estate investment is mainly concentrated in first- and second -tier cities. At present, the quality of assets is high -quality. There are also a small part of the real estate -related stocks, bonds, and non -standard products. The opening is very small and the reputation is very good. It maintains stable returns.

Regarding the future development of the real estate market, Liu Hui said that in the short term, real estate sales and investment are weak, and the industry’s further restoration depends on residents’ confidence and expectations. Major changes, but there is still a lot of room for urbanization in my country. The advancement of “three major projects” will also support a certain support for the real estate market.With the adjustment and transformation and upgrading of the structure, the overall smooth and healthy development of the real estate industry is expected. China Life will be cautious to carry out the investment layout in this area.

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