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Aisha Science City International Science and Technology Innovation Center unveiled, six major theme workshops empower science education

Recently, Aisha Science and Technology Innovation Center unveiled at the Aisha Science City School. The center relied on the high -quality resources of education and technology in Huangpu District, Guangzhou to build an incubation base for integration of industry -university -research integrated services.
The reporter learned that at present, the Aisha Science and Technology Innovation Center has formed six theme workshops including “intelligent manufacturing”, “artificial intelligence”, “biological exploration”, “fashion art”, “digital media”, “robot”, and hereBased on the innovation, research and development, and customization of education venues and models to realize cross -disciplinary and project systems.
It is worth mentioning that this center has become a member of the global Fablab (Fabrication Laboratory Made in the Laboratory). Fablab is a laboratory created by the Digital manufacturing founded by MIT and the Director of the Atomic Center Neil Gershenfeld. It is currently more than 40 worldwide in the world.There are about 900 certification laboratories in the country, 24 in China, and only 2 in Guangzhou.
At the unveiling ceremony, Liu Wuping, Director of the Science and Technology Innovation Center of Aisha International Education Group, and Zhang Yizhong, a doctor of the Institute of Computer Software theoretical Institute of East China Normal University, introduced the center’s functional planning and development direction;Bring a keynote speech, put forward insights on the importance of science and technology education and the direction of future talent training strategies.
Subsequently, the theme is “the relationship between science and technology and education and how to make science and technology education more suitable for future talent training”.The professors of the School of Materials Science and Engineering of Sun Yat -sen University, Gao Ocean, and President of the Guangzhou Experimental School of Beijing Normal University, Ji Yachen, etc., from the perspective of enterprises, academic research, domestic and foreign higher education and basic education, the practice of science and technology education and daily teachingThe link started a warm and in -depth discussion, and the atmosphere was strong at the scene, which frequently triggered the resonance and applause of the audience.
It is reported that through the construction of standardized laboratories, research and development of international scientific innovation curriculum, open learning activities, and various inter -school science and technology exchanges, the community will be closely linked to realize the opening and sharing of resources, and forming a base for primary and secondary school innovation development bases, not only not onlyShare world scientific and technological innovation achievements with the school, sister schools and communities with Aisha, and provides excellent resources and strong support for scientific education in schools in Huangpu District.
Text | Reporter Wang Moyi Correspondent Chen JiaminFigure | Correspondent provided
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