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Arians sprays Olajuwon, Alphabet responds, I just want to learn

Arians Sprays Olajuwon, Alphabet Responds: I Just Want to Learn

As previously reported, Bucks star Alphabet spends $50,000 a week on tuition to learn from Olajuwon. Arias today in his INS wildly spray Dream’s course.

Arians said, “My God, spending $50,000 a week to learn this outdated stuff? First of all, who would want to learn some footwork that was known to everyone in the 1990s? Olajuwon doesn’t know any of the changes in technical moves that have occurred since 2000. So Alphabet, wake up, who are you trying to use these outdated things on by learning them? Venbanyama?”

“Olajuwon should be ashamed of himself for teaching this outdated stuff and charging $50,000 a week! $50,000 a week! He hasn’t had much of a paycheck since 2000, and he’s just trying to make that money back from the youngsters.”

Arians sprays Olajuwon, Alphabet responds, I just want to learn

Arians’ comments sparked an uproar. Olajuwon himself did not respond, but Alphabet said in an interview that he didn’t care about Arians’ criticism.

Alphabet said, “I just want to learn, and I think Olajuwon is one of the best centers in the world. He can teach me a lot of things and I’m happy to learn from him.”

Alphabet also said that he doesn’t think what Olajuwon teaches is outdated. He said, “Olajuwon’s technique is timeless and it can still be applied to basketball today.”
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