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Assignment Gang: Technology is a person, accumulate extraordinary education experience

作业帮成立于2015年,以“科技为人、成就非凡”为企业使命,依托“教育+科技”双引擎优势,面向K12核心人群,延展服务低幼、大学生人群,深入布局工具、硬件、图书、The six core businesses such as literacy, courses, and publicity have allowed artificial intelligence technology to really land in the online education venue.


[Product System] Create a comprehensive creation of youth intelligent learning ecology

At the beginning of the operation of the operation, it is positioned as an educational technology company. As the underlying science and technology and teaching and research barriers continue to consolidate, the product system continues to be enriched.People, accumulated academic data reached 10 billion+.

The operation of the operation help APP has been born for ten years. It is the first self -developed OCR technology and self -built question bank in the industry. The original intention of the product is to meet the students’ needs for timely, accuracy, and authority for students to analyze the problem.Nowadays, the operational help app has become a super app covering functions covering functions such as inspiration, video explanation, work inspection, test papers, wrong questions, and parent management and control.Help Parent Edition, homework gang calculation, university search sauce and other product matrices, serving students in all semester, while in response to students’ learning questions, give a better guidance plan and become the companion of learning.

The operation helped the hardware business began in 2016, and successfully created new categories such as the wrong printer and the AI learning table.In 2021, the operation helped to comprehensively transform education hardware, and quickly ranked among the forefront of shipments in the education intelligent hardware industry.At present, nearly 10 million users of the operation help hardware services, covering learning machines, full -department learning pens, AI learning tables, learning watches, intelligent tutoring machines, learning printers, meow meow machine printers, children’s eye protection instruments and other categories.The hardware concentrated shows the education and technology strength of the operation. The “Research Report on the Intelligent Education Technology Impact of Intelligent Education Education” at the School of Statistics of Beijing Normal University is based on the operation machine and user desensitization data of the operation.The ability of capabilities, knowledge levels, etc. to increase by more than 20%, and parents’ time in children’s learning counseling decreases by about 0.5 hours a day.Innovation is the background of the operation to help the hardware business. The Meow Meow Machine series has created new categories such as the wrong printer and electronic words card, and continued to upgrade iterative. For exampleThe sales popularity set off; AI learning tables, children’s eye protection instruments and other products, cross -border education and health, not only the industry’s first, but also opened a huge imagination space.

In 2018, the operation of the operation of the operation helped the seven series of products such as the big show card, formula method, large customs clearance, quick solution, brushing, hot search, and magic book, which runs through the small and high schools.Break through millions of volumes.At the elementary school stage, while polishing high -quality content, you need to stimulate your interest in learning through interactive functions.For example, in the “Words Magic Book”, there are 800 minutes of real English life scene video from 20 countries around the world. At the same time, the voice interaction of intelligent dots, AI listening, and speaker mode is set up around “listening, speaking, reading and writing”.Wait for multi -dimensional intelligent interaction.The teaching aids in junior high school pay more attention to accurate exercises, helping students to systematically and efficiently complete the closed loop of preschool, middle school, and post -school.For example, in the explosive series such as brushing and quick solution, the content covers high -frequency questions, errors, real questions, hot search questions, etc. The function can be scanned to watch the video explanation. These video content includes graduating from well -known colleges and universitiesHundreds of essence problem -solving models summarized by the teaching and research team for thousands of hours of work. Through the knowledge points of the knowledge map association, intelligent combing students’ weak knowledge points, and recommending the practice questions.

The operation gang began to explore quality education in 2019, and officially established a quality education team in early 2020.The operational support business covers science and technology, culture, sports and other fields, including programming, writing, sports and other products.Quality education focuses on the flexible use and integration of interdisciplinary knowledge, and cultivate children’s rational thinking, self -management ability, and problem -solving ability for children’s personality characteristics, physical and mental development, and cognitive level.For example, the assignment of the assignment of programming is introduced into AIOT technology. The launch of a programming host that does not need to use a data cable to connect to the computer can achieve hardware control. Through “fun content+visual programming design”, the courses combine with intelligent hardware, attract students to take the initiative to take the initiativeExplore the principles behind science and technology in real life, and integrate the “scientist spirit” into the daily growth of students.

Yun Sizhi is an educational digital comprehensive service provider of the assignment. He sends the education technology and resources accumulated by the operation to primary and secondary schools, creating core products such as high -quality operations, after -school services and smart sports.Municipal Autonomous Region, serving more than 1,500 schools and more than 1 million teachers and students.Digitalization is changing education. For example, Yunsizhi High -quality operating platform provides high -sweeping instruments, smart operating machines, smart paper pens, ink screens, and mobile terminal collection terminals.After the efficiency of teachers’ assignment correction, the assignment design platform can also assist teachers to create job design tasks, help teachers improve the purpose and effectiveness of the topic selection, and improve the quality of operation design.

[Innovation mode] Software and hardware combined with different circles users

The operation helper adheres to the “education+technology” dual engine strategy, high -quality learning content that has been highly integrated over the past decade, three major advantages of tens of billions of academic love and advanced AIGC technology, to create a series of full -time, full school age, and full scenes.Efficient accompaniment product matrix.

1. Technology is more excellent, more convenient, and more touching.

In September 2023, the operation gang officially released the self-developed Galaxy model. At the beginning of the release, the two major authoritative large language model evaluation lists of C-EVAL and CMMLU were released.Galaxy Model is a large -scale education model covered by multi -disciplinary, multi -semester, and multi -scenes specially created for the education field.It not only has a high degree of multidisciplinary knowledge answering ability, but also helps students with different sections to perform creative writing, but also can achieve independent questions and companionship counseling to help students have personalized learning and growth.In terms of application scenarios, large models empower to build a 1 billion+quota question bank. Through the production model of “big model generation+manual review”, the production cost is magnified, and the number of production capacity will be improved.Programming lessons sometimes need personalized counseling. It is difficult to do online courses. The big model can point out the problem of the code written by the child, and can also guide the child how to write the next step.Most schools of physical education records are still primitive. The rope skipping is counted by the naked eye, and the large model can not only automatically record and display the results, but also give improvement suggestions, such as how to correct the remote posture.


2. The essence of education is a heart warm and other soul.

About 70%of the users of education technology products come from China’s third- and fourth -tier cities, and the county and towns and rural areas. Many children lack professional teaching and research teaching, and high -quality tutoring resources are also seriously insufficient.In addition to providing high -quality products, educational technology companies also provide companionship services.More than 90%of the teaching and research team graduated from well -known universities such as Tsinghua and Peking University, and after 7 rounds of internal selection, the overall admission rate was less than 3%.At present, the team received more than 95%.Taking reading as an example, in addition to inviting well -known writers to design and polish products, the leaders of the Qingbei graduates will accompany the children to read, love to read, read, think, and create.Reading with children.

【Case Significance】 Systematic solution to create a closed education of education

The organic integration of technology, teaching and research teaching, and services is the standard of new infrastructure of high -quality education.Among them, technology and experience are the leverage of high -quality education inclusiveness. Teaching and research teaching is the essential core of high -quality education. Serving students and parents is the soul of the high -quality education process.The operating gangs are manifested everywhere the organic integration of technology, teaching and research teaching, and services. It uses the most closed -loop products, the most accurate needs of services, and harvests the largest -scale users.

The assignment of the operation launched the “Teacher+AI+Data) closed -loop service model to provide” good services “and” good platforms “for” good courses “.The operational gang programming follows the “Speaking+Counseling” dual division mode and AI classrooms. The courses include different systems such as graphical, Python, C ++. The full coverage of the 6-16-year-old covers the training of programming talents.The partnership forms an integrated training and preparation platform, organizes winter camp activities, and designs the whole process “hard -core curriculum setting+gold medal team guidance+popular science practice activity+competition preview”.


The job helps learning machines set up a multi -level product system. On the one hand, relying on the 65 million students’ big data models and 1 billion+question bank, they can guide students to learn in a targeted study from four links from the test, formulation plan, full -time training, and supervising learning.According to the actual learning scene, the practice of the same day, the real exercises before the test, the special training for the test, the easy -to -practice practice, and the personal wrongdoing practice, etc., fully meet the practice needs of children at different stages of children, and realize the “closed loop learning”.On the other hand, through the five major gold medal counseling services such as the gold medal master, the secret training before the test, the 1 -to -1 diagnostic plan, the 21 -day supervision camp, and the urging the wrong question, the work -help team will lead the children to complete the daily learning tasks and provide learningLove feedback and positive motivation, enhance children’s learning interest and help them develop good learning habits.

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