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Baoan will open 6 commercial complexes this year!

A few days ago, we posted

“Baoan’s first Sam Member Store

The news that is expected to open next year “

Treating strong attention from netizens

It is reported that,Sam Member Store has signed a contract and settled in Wanfeng Coast CityIt is currently under construction,It is expected to open in 2025Essence

Baoan Sam member store renderings

Not only the Sam member store, in the past two years, domestic and foreign leading commercial enterprises have rushed Baoan.

According to public information statistics

In 2024, Baoan District will be available

Wanfeng Coast City, Baoan Huaqiang Plaza

Snowflake Beer Town, Defeng · Rongwanhui

Qianli foodie, Qiao Box QBOXwait

6Business Complex Open

The total commercial volume reaches405,000 square meters

Qianhai Huafa ice and snow world bird’s eye view renderings

The future, withShenzhen Qianhai · Huafa Ice and Snow World, Snow Beer Town, Convention and Exhibition Bay New Port (Garden City), Golden Oyster TownThe construction of large -scale complex projects is in the market.

Commercial projects are successively appeared

According to the incomplete statistics of Lian Retail Research Center, in 2024, Shenzhen will have 25 commercial sports in the market (excluding professional markets, home malls, hotels and office buildings, and commercial construction area ≥ 20,000 square meters).Over 1.75 million square meters.

From the perspective of the administrative area of new commercial projects in the market,Bao’an DistrictThere are all Nanshan District6There are three in Pingshan District and Longgang District. There are 2 in Luohu District and Futian District. There are 1 in Yantian District, Longhua District, and Guangming District.

According to rough statistics

In 2024, Baoan District will be available

New commercial area reaches405,000 square meters

Among them, the commercial area of more than 200,000 square meters, 1 project,ShenzhenWanfeng Coast CityCommercial area200,000 square meters,,It is expected to open in June this yearItems

Wanfeng Coast City Effect Map

1 project with a commercial area of 100,000 to 200,000 square meters,ShenzhenBaoan Huaqiang PlazaCommercial area100,000 square metersItems

Baoan Huaqiang Square Effect Map

Commercial areaLess than 100,000 square meters4 projects, includingSnowflake Beer Town, Defeng · Rongwanhui, Qianli Foodie, Qiao Box QBOXEssenceThe project is mainly a community -oriented shopping mall to meet the shopping needs of residents’ “door”.

Snowflake Innovation City Project Effect Chart

“New” trendy characteristic characteristic “eye”

The reporter learned from the Baoan District Investment Promotion Department that Baoan District since last yearFocus on promoting new business formats and introduction of new brandsEssenceIn order to vigorously cultivate new industries and new business formats, Baoan District issued the “Several Measures for the Promoting High -quality Development of the Business and Trade Service in 2023”.Industry high -quality development and other aspects to support the development of business and service industries.

Looking at the commercial project that is about to enter the market

Regardless of the commercial volume or large or small

Focus on differentiated scene -style experience

Gradually form a commercial consensus

More and more on the layout of the format

Incorporating aesthetics and artistic concepts

Wanfeng Coast City has a park ecology.The project is adjacent to the 25,000 square meters of coastal parks to plan a jogging track, providing a good leisure place for business.The project will be committed to creating a “new commercial landmark in the Bay Area”, becoming the “Dinghai God Needle” for consumer tide in western Shenzhen, and drives the commercial development of western Shenzhen.

Wanfeng Coast City Effect Map

For the first time, Shenzhen Baoan Huaqiang Plaza tried the integration of business and cultural industries, and joined hands with Huaqiang Group’s “Bear” IP to create Shenzhen’s first empty garden -style shopping mall to provide citizens with a unique shopping experience.

Baoan Huaqiang Square Effect Map

Rise of the West of Consumer Center

Zhao Shenghui, director of the Enterprise and Market Research Center of China (Shenzhen) Comprehensive Development and Research Institute, believes that the flow of people and passenger flow is the foundation of business.Baoan’s huge population stock and industrial foundation provides basic conditions for commercial development, and the potential for business development is huge.

According to Winshang Big Data Statistics

At present, Baoan District has commercial complexes37

Total commercial volume31.386 million square meters

Total quantity is locatedHead of Shenzhen

Have formedBaoan Central Business District, Shajing Business District

Xixiang Commercial District, Airport Convention Exhibition Commercial Districtwait

Nearly 10 business districts

Happy Harbor

Baoan Yifang City

in,Baoan Central Business District

As the core of “Qianhai-Baozhong Commercial District”

Has become the seven city -level business

The most commercial stock, the most passenger flow

In the past 2023

Baoan Central Business District was successfully selected

The first batch of characteristic business districts in the city (pedestrian street)

He Ye Economic Demonstration District

Man Jinghua

In 2023, Baoan District realized a total retail sales of social consumer goods 154.835 billion yuan, and the total amount rankedThe second place in the city, Year -on -year increased by 7.9%, higher than the national, provincial, and municipal growth rates; online retail sales of 16.129 billion yuan, a year -on -year increase of 41%; catering revenue of 28.282 billion yuan, accounting for more than 20%in the city, with a total of total, the total amount, with a total of total, total, total, total, total, total, total, total, total, total, total, total, total, total, total, total, total, total, total, total, total, total, total, total, total, total, total, total, total, total, with total amount, total, with a total of total, with a total of total, with a total of total, with a total of total, with a total of total, with a total of total, with a total of total, with a total of total, with a total of total, with a total of total, with a total of total, with a total of total, with a total of total.City firstEssence

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