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Can the Ministry of Education cool down for the first special action for "admission anxiety"?

Recently, the Ministry of Education issued a notice that it will carry out a special operation of compulsory education in 2024, resolutely rectify the phenomenon of “dark box operations” and “tip enrollment”, and will set up a special working group to conduct investigation and supervision.
Can this special rectification operation relieve parents’ “enrollment anxiety”?
Enroll“Tips for enrollment” in the fieldWhat is the reason behind?What are the hazards?
Niu Nanssen, an associate researcher at the Institute of Basic Education of the Institute of Education and Science, said that the root cause of this phenomenon isThe conceptual issue of education utilitarianizationEssence
If the enrollment chaos is not effectively curbed, it will cause the potential of some students to be unable to be stimulated, or students with ordinary family conditions will lose the opportunity to enter a good school, violate the public welfare attributes of compulsory education, and further intensify the internal education of education.
In addition, in order to get better scores, some parents and students invested a lot of time and energy, and children could have used these time to exercise, develop interest, social communication, and participate in family life in depth.This also fundamentally affected the children’s comprehensive development and long -term development.
Don’t let “tip”,Will there be a chance to make a tip of the tip?
Li Liguo, a professor at the School of Education, Renmin University of China, said:
Good schools do not rely on tip and rely on outstanding students to win and win, but to deepen their own education and teaching reforms, form an educational model with their own characteristics, and cultivate each child into talent.
The “tip enrollment” worsened the ecological ecology and formed an internal education.In this process, a large number of unhealthy winds and dark box operations are hidden.
forEspecially excellent and sharp -cut students, the education department has special policies to identify, select and train, and will not waste children’s talents.
Can sunshine enrollment improve the mentality of parental anxiety?
Li Liguo said that education equity includes three aspects, namely the starting point, fair process, and fair results.While the anxiety test is fair, parents are even more fair.In order to alleviate parents’ anxiety and solve the problems in enrollment, it is still necessary to expand the coverage of high -quality education, so that sunshine enrollment and high -quality educational resources are in parallel.
How can a special group be treated fairly?
According to Li Liguo, the education of special groups is an important aspect of compulsory education.At present, during the stage of compulsory education in my country, children’s urbanization rate is 83%, which is far greater than that of my country’s population urbanization rate. Some major cities have the problem of insufficient degree supply.therefore,To expand the degree supply of the city, especially the general cities, provide an equal opportunity for the children to move with the children.Essence
In addition, with the influx of rural students into cities, the recruitment pressure faced by urban high schools is also relatively large, and some county teachers’ inspection issues are also very prominent.Therefore, it is also important to regulate the enrollment of ordinary high schools.
Let the process open and transparent
The fairness and justice of compulsory education enrollment is related to the vital interests of students, and it is also a hot spot for social concern.
As early as 2020, all 31 provinces nationwide issued the implementation rules for enrollment enrollment enrollment in primary and secondary schools, and promoted simultaneous enrollment of public and private schools. If the number of applicants exceeded the enrollment plan, a new computer random admission policy was implemented.However, from a reality, there are still advance enrollment in some places, and there are still underground “secrets” in “Xiao Shengchu”.The illegal competition organized by the organization also caused parents to be dissatisfied with the enrollment of “young promotion” and “small ascension”.
The reason why this phenomenon exists is becauseSome places also have the utilitarian concept of building compulsory education schools, The recruitment of related schools is not visible; the other isNo unified platform for enrollment of compulsory education schoolsThe computer lottery admission is carried out by the school districts and even the school, which gives the “tip enrollment” and “dark box operation” to operate space.
In the compulsory education stage, the school enrollment of “citizenship”, and the experience of computer shakes are well implemented.For example, Shanghai adopts a unified private school lottery software in the city and introduces notarized agencies to participate in the process of shaking the number to ensure that it is open and fair.This measure eliminates the possibility of the school’s “tip enrollment”.
also,The introduction of parent supervision is also an important aspect of promoting the establishment of a fair enrollment mechanism.Some parents have not been scientific and casual, and the information disclosure is relatively lagging.In this regard, when adjusting the film, you need to listen to the opinions of the residents of the school district, instead of shooting your head to make a decision, and do not leave the “gap” that may drill empty.
The governance of “tip enrollment” and “dark box operation” requires comprehensive supervision and inspection of compulsory education school enrollment practices in various places.It is necessary to reverse some places that still exist in political achievements, check the specific situation of the balanced development of compulsory education, and consider the compulsory education schools to regulate enrollment and run schools as an important indicator of ecological ecology.At the same time, it is necessary to learn from and promote some regional good experience, and incorporate admissions into unified supervision, so that the enrollment process is open and transparent, so as to standardize the school’s enrollment order.
(Source: CCTV News WeChat account)
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