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The persistence and breakthrough of Dayuecheng Holdings: Thirty years of steady forward, newly upgraded in five years

In the long history of time, it was only a moment for thirty years.But for a company, thirty years can be called a

Baoan will open 6 commercial complexes this year!

A few days ago, we posted”Baoan’s first Sam Member StoreThe news that is expected to open next year “Treating strong attention from netizensIt is re

Maersk pauses shipping through Red Sea after Houthi boats attack vessel

Maersk has imposed a 48-hour delay on its vessels moving through the Red Sea, following an attack on one of its merchant ships by Iranian-backed Houthi fighters based in Yemen. The US military said its helicopters responded to distress calls…

Rail fares in England to rise by up to 4.9% in March

Regulated train fares in England will rise by up to 4.9% from March, the Department for Transport has said. The increase is capped below inflation and will be delayed from January when hikes usually come into force. In the past,…

Public pay must reflect rises, ministers say

The government has told the organisation that reviews pay for public sector workers, it is “vital” to take into account pay rises seen in recent years, when setting wages. Pay review bodies (PRBs) recommend the pay for 2.5 million workers….

Empty office buildings may meet the same fate as zombie shopping malls

It’s been about four years since the Covid-19 pandemic first upended society. Cities and towns have mostly sprung back to life, one aspect of daily life is unmistakable: The once-ubiquitous reality of working in an office for eight hours a…

Pablo Picasso’s 1932 masterpiece fetches $139 million at auction

Pablo Picasso’s 1932 masterpiece Woman with a Watch has sold for a staggering $139 million (£113 million) at auction, making it the second highest price ever paid for a Picasso painting, according to Sotheby’s. The sale also made it the…

Vietnam keeps a close eye on rice production and world rice market

Hanoi (VNA) – Vietnam’s Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) is keeping a close eye on rice production and the world’s rice market to address emerging issues in time to boost rice production, trade and exports. Statistics show that by…

MLS Football Jersey