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JD Health and thousands of brands upgrade the user protection industry to launch the "Expired Free Change" service in the industry

A few days ago, JD Health launched a service called “Expired Free” on the occasion of the 8th anniversary of to the service rules,

"Vice President Health" enters the campus and protects students’ health

“How is your relationship with your parents?” “How is your relationship with your classmates?” “How is your relationship with your own?” Re

Australian Health Stock Roundup

Island Pharma’s drug ISLA-101 for flavivirus infections receives Australian patent Island Pharma has been granted an Australian patent for its drug ISLA-101, a potential treatment for flavivirus infections such as dengue fever.The patent expires on April 16, 2034, and the…

Dynamic whole-body PET shows CD8+ T-cell proliferation in bone marrow of COVID-19 patients

Using dynamic whole-body positron emission tomography (PET), a group of scientists at the University of California, Davis, has imaged for the first time the immune response of recovering patients after infection with the COVID-19 virus. Their study, published in Science…

MLS Football Jersey