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Chongqing Jiangbei: Special education more students grow up a lot

  Guangming Daily reporter Zhang Guosheng Li Hong

  Break the boundaries of the discipline and carry out group cooperation to learn; let students enter the live broadcast room, transformed into “super podcasts”, and complete creative live shows … Recently, Hu Hong, a teacher Hu Hong, Yanghe Garden Experimental Primary School, Jiangbei District, Chongqing”Change” has triggered a great interest in students.This course is a vivid portrayal of the “five points” special activities in the region.

  Since the implementation of the “double reduction”, Chongqing Jiangbei District has carried out “five axes” special educational activities, including “reading a little masterpiece”, “doing a little exercise”, “learning a little art”, “doing a little science and technology” and “a little housework.”Based on discipline curriculum standards, rooted in the daily teaching of schools, work hard in classroom teaching “quality improvement and efficiency”, to meet students’ personalized growth needs, form a “foundation+characteristic” educational idea, and stimulate the entire system creative vitality.

  ”Since the” double reduction “, we have been thinking about how to implement the burden reduction and quality.” Li Sichuan, secretary of the Education Working Committee of the Jiangbei District Committee and director of the District Education Commission, said that the “five points” correspond to student moralityIn the five aspects of the comprehensive development of intelligence, body, and labor, try to play a great role in promoting the comprehensive development of students through normal education activities.

  In Gangfeng Elementary School, the students turned colorful cardboards into beautiful artworks: beautiful window flowers, dancing butterflies … a paper -cut activity, which cultivates children to appreciate beauty, create beauty and performance.Beauty taste and ability.

  ”Children who used to learn calligraphy in the past would go to off -school training institutions. Now the service after -school service can fully meet the needs, and it is more assured and worry -free.” Li Xiaolin, the parents of the students of the carp pond elementary school, said that the special education activities have reduced the burden of parents and children.In school, students can participate in various high -quality art education.

  Focusing on the “five points”, the Propaganda Department of the Jiangbei District Committee, the District Education Commission, and the Traffic Patrol Detachment of the District Public Security Branch jointly created 3 “Jiangbei Traffic Police Education Practice Base” and 56 “Jiangbei Little Traffic Police” volunteer service demonstration schools.More than 30,000 people participated in the “Little Traffic Police” activity; Waterwater Middle School cooperated with Chongqing Library, Jiangbei District Library, etc. to build a “24 -hour open library” to enhance students’ reading ability … Home -school social social cooperation educated people, for students, for studentsDevelopment and creating more possibilities.

  Statistics show that after the “double reduction”, the proportion of students participating in off -campus training institutions in Jiangbei District decreased significantly, from 61.3%to 9.8%.Students’ physical fitness is enhanced. The excellent physical health rate of students in the region is higher than the city’s average level of 8 percentage points.Reading habits have gradually developed, and the average annual reading volume of regional students has increased from 900,000 words required by “curriculum standards” to 1.2 million words … Students are achieving comprehensive and individual development.

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