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Democratic Republic of the Congo: A Country of Climate Solutions

At the end of this month, participants from civil society, governments, international organizations and the private sector will gather in Dubai for the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28), an event where the nations of the world come together to address the climate crisis and take concrete action. The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is one of the many countries attending and is well positioned to play a leading role in this endeavor.

The DRC is endowed with abundant natural resources, including vast forests, rich mineral deposits, and significant hydropower potential. These resources can be used to develop clean energy and sustainable industries, making the Democratic Republic of the Congo a true “solution” country in the fight against climate change.

However, the Democratic Republic of the Congo also faces many challenges, including poverty, inequality and political instability. These challenges make it difficult for the country to realize its potential to build a climate-resilient future.

Democratic Republic of the Congo: A Country of Climate Solutions

The DRC’s National Climate Development Report 2023 (CCDR) outlines a series of recommendations from the DRC government to help the country overcome these challenges and achieve its climate goals. These recommendations include

Investing in climate-smart mining, hydropower development and forest conservation
Increasing agricultural productivity and food security through climate-smart agriculture
Developing climate-resilient transportation and cities
Strengthening governance and improving human capital
The Center for Climate Change Research in the DRC also estimates that the initial public investment needed to partially offset climate change risks in the DRC by 2050 would be about $10.9 billion. Given the country’s limited financial capacity, engaging the private sector and identifying alternative sources of finance will be critical.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo had made progress in setting the climate agenda. It has developed several policies and strategies and is actively engaged in international climate negotiations. However, much remained to be done.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo needs to focus more on implementing climate action and addressing governance challenges. This will require a broad range of investments and policy packages to increase resilience and sequence reforms.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo has the potential to be a global leader in addressing climate change. By overcoming the challenges and implementing the climate agenda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo can help to create a more sustainable future for its people and the world.


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