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Driven the attractions in Hong Kong, which is suspected of finding 1.5 million Hong Kong dollars drugs in Peru’s female body

A Peruvian woman claimed to travel to Hong Kong, but in the Customs inquiry, she knew nothing about Hong Kong attractions and suspected that she was poisoned and sent her to the hospital for examination.

As a result, she found that she had at least 1.5 kg of liquid cocaine in her body, worth about 1.5 million Hong Kong dollars (about S $ 250,933), so she immediately arrested her.

According to Hong Kong 01 reports, Zhuo Zhuo, Director of the Investigation Division of the Hong Kong Customs Drug Investigation Division, said that the customs intercepted the 52 -year -old Peruvian girl “tourist” on Sunday (24th) according to the principles of risk management.

It is reported that the woman claimed to be a chef and set off from St. Paul, Brazil, and flew to Hong Kong via Siyabba, Ethiopia.

However, after the customs inquiry, women claimed to travel to Hong Kong and planned to leave on Friday (29th).However, it is doubtful that she not only knows nothing about Hong Kong attractions, but also her money seems to be unable to cope with her consumption during her stay in Hong Kong.

Based on these situations, the customs suspected that she might carry drugs and sent her to the hospital for examination.

It was confirmed by the doctor that the woman had a foreign body in her body, suspecting that she hid the liquid cocain in plastic materials.As of 6 pm yesterday (25th), she had discharged 44 bags of liquid cocaine, weighing about 1.5 kg, worth about 1.5 million Hong Kong dollars (about S $ 250,933).

The customs subsequently arrested the Peruvian woman in suspicion of hazardous drugs.

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