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Educators who understand Qinghai Ai Qinghai Xinghai

■ Vigorously promote the spirit of educators · Talk

A century -old plan, education -oriented; education plan, teacher -oriented.Based on the construction of the new era, the great leadership of the new era, the great cause of national rejuvenation, creative proposal to the spirit of Chinese educators, and given people a more lofty mission to the people teachers in the new era.More powerful mental motivation.Based on the new journey in the new era, accelerate the construction of a modern new Qinghai and the realization of common prosperity, and the long -term strategy is still educating. In the final analysis, you need to forge a new era to take root in plateau, to educate, understand Qinghai, love Qinghai, and Xingqinghai.Family teacher team.

Resolutely build the spirit of educators who have rooted in the new era to root the altitude educator.

The first is to consolidate the foundation of the ideal and belief of “the heart of the heart and the nation”.Perseverance uses the highest leader in the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics to create souls, guide teachers to continuously deepen the political identity, ideological identity, and emotional identity of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and strengthen the political of “education for the party and educate the country”.Consciously handle the relationship between “big ego” and “ego”, and take the initiative to integrate personal ideal pursuit into the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, the dream of a strong education country, and to take root in the plateau, dedicate Qinghai, devote themselves to education, and consciously become communism.A firm believer and loyal practitioners who are ideal and socialist with Chinese characteristics.The second is to consolidate the foundation of the ideological practice of the consciousness of the Chinese community.Adhere to the school as the main position of conscious education of the Chinese nation’s community, earnestly take the premise and direction of improvement, further deepen the education and progress of national unity and progress, and the education of the core values of socialism, comprehensively promote the education and teaching of the country’s common language, and guide the mastersStory firmly establishes the correct view of history, national view, national view, national view, and cultural view, and continuously improves the cognition, identity and belonging of the Chinese nation’s community of destiny, and has a sense of form and effectively practicing the awareness of the Chinese nation’s community.The third is to consolidate the foundation of “learning as a teacher and a behavioral model”.Efforts to improve the long -term mechanism of teachers’ morality and teacher style construction combined with education, propaganda, assessment, supervision and incentives, and strictly strict in qualification identification, teacher recruitment, professional title review, job employment, annual assessment, promotion evaluation, commendation and reward and other work.Implement the first standard for teachers’ morality, education and guidance to the majority of teachers with virtue, morality, teaching with morality, moral education, moral education, and truly becoming a new era “Mr. Big” who has become a new era for students to learn, do things, and demonstrate.

Consolidate the spiritual cultivation path of educators who have been farming in the new era.

The first is to strengthen teachers’ education solidarity.With high -quality teacher education, there will be more high -quality teachers and high -level talents.Strictly use the spirit of educators as a ruler, focusing on the construction of teachers ‘morality and morality, and the training of high -quality teachers, further revise and improve the construction standards of teachers’ colleges and the standards for running schools, promote the facing education more forward -looking and targeted, and strengthen the enrollment of teachers.Source management, precise implementation of rural school shortage discipline teacher training programs, provincial -level public funding teacher training plans, etc., build a collaborative and open -sharing teacher education system, and comprehensively improve the ability of teachers’ education.The second is to strengthen teacher training to lead growth.Leading with the training plan of the famous teacher name, the spirit of educators as the key content of the training system of various teachers at all levels, actively study the growth and development of various teachers at all levels, explore the in -depth integration of the spirit of educators and the reform of education and teaching, and further further.Establish and improve layered classification, step -type teacher growth and development system, and teacher training quality evaluation system, build a teacher training mode with Qinghai characteristics, and vigorously cultivate a team of teachers with noble morality, exquisite business, reasonable structure, and vibrant.The third is to strengthen education aid to enable youth to increase efficiency.Fully rely on the high -quality resources of counterpart support and east -west cooperation, further consolidate and improve the counterpart support mechanism of college counterparts, expand and promote the group -style assistance mechanism of vocational education and basic education groups, establish a “please come in” and “go out” work mechanism, and strengthen teachers through strengthening teachersBusiness training, selection and assignment, work exercises, and sharing of high -quality education and teaching resources to promote the experience and practices of developing regions and advanced school management and education, thereby enhancing a group of schools, bringing out a group of teachers, and training a group of teaching and research backbones.

The spiritual and social atmosphere of the educator who has created a new era to build a new era to respect the teachers and teachers.

The first is to further optimize and improve the professional development environment of teachers.Continue to improve and optimize various policies and measures for the construction of teachers, encourage party committees and governments at all levels to introduce supporting policy documents according to local conditions, and effectively guarantee and promote the high -quality development of teachers.Further adjust and improve the evaluation criteria of various teachers at all levels, establish an assessment and evaluation index system that meets the characteristics of teachers’ positions, deepen the reform of the salary system, and fully stimulate the overall vitality of the teacher team.In accordance with the principles of “the more they go to the grassroots, the more difficult, the higher the treatment”, we will implement the policy of subsidy for the remote and remote areas, strengthen the construction of teachers in rural pastoral areas, and continuously improve the level of treatment guarantee for teachers in difficult and remote areas.The second is to further build and improve the teacher commendation and reward mechanism.Refine and improve the provincial teachers’ commendation and reward methods and implementation rules.The “Educator’s Spirit in Qinghai” is widely carried out in the province, telling the story of Qinghai, reflecting the characteristics of Qinghai, strengthening examples and leadership.Typical rural teachers have created a group of psychological demonstration teams and model schools to practice educators.Encourage party committees, governments, social organizations, and enterprises at all levels to commend and reward outstanding teachers in various forms.The third is to further protect the right to the legitimate treatment of teachers.Implementation of teachers ‘salaries, annual medical examinations, allowance subsidies, major illness assistance systems, and excellent teachers’ out -of -healing system for treatment in accordance with laws and regulations.Focus on social affairs to aggravate the burden of teachers, standardize the cleanup of various types of inspections, inspections, assessments, social affairs entering campus, and borrowing teachers, etc., pay close attention to streamlining reports of various reports, research and statistics, and effectively clean up the unreasonable unreasonable affecting education and teaching activities.Breaks, further create a loose and quiet campus atmosphere and education and teaching environment to ensure that teachers are concentrating on teaching and educating people.

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