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Financial observation: stabilize foreign investment and excellent environment, policy "combination boxing" accelerates

“Openness is a distinctive logo of contemporary China. The Chinese government is committed to optimizing the business environment and providing service guarantees for foreign -funded enterprises to invest and operate.”

On March 22 and 23, the Minister of Commerce Wang Wentao met with more than a dozen foreign -funded companies including Apple CEO Cook, President of Qualcomm and CEO An Meng, to the development of the company in China.Communicate the topic.

“Apple will continue to develop in China for a long time, and continue to increase investment in China’s supply chain, R & D and sales.” “Qualcomm expects that the two governments of the United States and China will create stable expectations and a good environment for investment and operation of both enterprises.” …In the exchange, foreign -funded enterprises have expressed their confidence and periods for China’s development and investment in China.

Foreign investment is an important force to participate in the modernization of Chinese -style modernization and promote the common prosperity and development of the Chinese economy and the world economy.

Since the beginning of the year, from the central government to the local area, “stabilizing foreign investment” and “excellent environment”. On March 19, the General Office of the State Council issued the “solidly promoting high -level opening to the outside world to attract and use foreign -funded action plan” (hereinafter referred to as “hereinafter referred to as”Action Plan “)) Focus on expanding market access, increased policy strength, optimizing the fair competition environment, unblocked innovation elements, improved domestic regulations, and deployed 24 specific measures.At the same time, these policies “combined fist” are accelerating the landing and advancement.

——The foreign capital access restrictions in the manufacturing industry this year will be “clear”.

This year’s government work report proposes that it will continue to reduce the negative list of foreign capital access and comprehensively cancel the restrictions on foreign investment access in the manufacturing industry.

On March 14, the Ministry of Commerce stated at a routine press conference that it will quickly revise the negative list of foreign -funded access to the country with relevant departments to realize the “clear zero” in the manufacturing field.

The latest data shows that from January to February this year, there were 7,160 new foreign-funded enterprises, an increase of 34.9%year-on-year, the highest level in the past 5 years.

——An international flights continue to recover, facilitate business personnel.

On March 20, China International Airlines released news. From March 31, Air China US routes will be added with 3 new classes a week.

The “Action Plan” issued by the State Council proposes that the convenience of international business personnel will promote the number of international flights in key aviation hubs such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou to accelerate the recovery.According to public reports, Air China, China Eastern, China Southern Airlines, HNA, Sichuan Airlines, and Xiamen Airlines have all submitted the latest additional work plan for China -US passenger flights.

——In the combination of “going global” investment promotion and “please come in” investment promotion.

The “Action Plan” proposes to carry out key investment promotion activities of “investment in China”, and shows my country’s high -quality business environment and investment opportunities in all aspects to overseas investors.

This year, the Ministry of Commerce will host more than 20 high -quality activities at home and abroad, and will also hold a series of activities such as the “Expo Entering the Local” and local theme promotion in various places.

All localities are also accelerating the launch of relevant policies.For example: Shanghai proposes that it will continue to increase the efforts of “going out” investment promotion and further attract foreign investors to develop in Shanghai; Zhejiang proposes that it is necessary to attract “great high” and specialized new foreign investment projects with super routine efforts to strive to use actual use.Foreign capital is more than $ 20 billion.

——The cooperation of “Silk Road E -commerce” to improve the level of cross -border trade facilitation.

From January to February this year, my country and 30 “Silk Road E-commerce” partners’ international cooperation continued to advance. Special activities such as the New Year’s goods festival to promote the docking of e -commerce markets at home and abroad.

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