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From integrity to individual households to icon entrepreneurs

□ Text/Reporter Xue Jing Han Liping Photo/Newspaper reporter Jiang Guohong Shao Guoliang

The history of 40 years of reform and opening up is also the history of the booming and growing of the private economy of the individual in my country.As one of the first batch of individual households in Harbin, Jiao Yuchang’s 37 -year entrepreneurial life is not only wonderful, but also condensed the great changes in China’s reform and opening up in the past 40 years.

In 1981, he officially entered the sea; the first Yuchang roasted chicken shop was opened in 1984; in 1992, he registered the “Yuchang” trademark with his own name; in 2007, Yuchang Food’s 50th chain store opened; in 2016, Yuchang Food Chain increased to 150 to 150, The product involves more than 160 categories of 8 categories, with annual sales of nearly 300 million yuan … With the help of the spring breeze of reform and opening up, Jiao Yuchang touched the stones to cross the river.Some people who get rich first, then continue to grow into entrepreneurs in the tide of restructuring.From the integrity to the mood of the craftsman, he made the product as faith on the thirty -seventh -carrying entrepreneurial road.

“I walked forward on every wave of reform and opening up. I said no exaggeration that every breakthrough in my time benefited from the change of the times.” Said Jiao Yuchang, chairman of Harbin Yuchang Food Co., Ltd.In the past 37 years, he followed the pulse of the times and made a product seriously. The goal he had determined to give himself was “focusing on food for a lifetime, and a brand for a century.”

“There is a way under the name of the unknown on the list” joined the “Go to the Sea” army

Every time I think of her “going to the sea” entrepreneurship, Jiao Yuchang always feels emotional.”The experience of the two college entrance examinations in the late 1970s made me a little confused. With the advent of the tide of reform and opening up, many young people in that era began to think about my life seriously. Until May 1980″How should the “road of life go? ‘” Discussion, and introduce the articles “Unknown on the list, under the foot” of the four young people in Beijing to sell large bowls of tea in the front door, and finally decided to decide’Go to the sea ‘business. “Jiao Yuchang said that in early 1981, at the age of 22, he borrowed 500 yuan borrowed from his family to a jelly stall at the No. 1 bed at Yanshuang Street, Harbin Road.Because of the good craftsmanship, coupled with honesty and trustworthiness, his “No. 1 stalling bed” row “Long Long” in front of him, becoming a scene in the streets of Daowai District at that time.(Under the third edition)

(Piece on the first edition) The success of selling jelly made Jiao Yuchang taste the sweetness of reform and opening up, but only selling jelly could not satisfy his ambitions, so he re -adjusted his entrepreneurial direction when he tried the situation.”At the beginning of the reform and opening up, just out of the planned economic development environment, the supply of Harbin’s non -staple food market was still lacking. It was almost the hope of a delicious roast chicken, but few people made roast chickens.It was precisely to see the market demand that I asked the old father of Chinese medicine to ask the ancestral Chinese medicine to learn from the “Compendium of Materia Medica” to develop and improve the ancestral formula. According to the theory of the same source of medicine and food, after repeated scrutiny and comparison, dozens of configuration adjust the Chinese herbal medicine materialsIn the end, 26 Chinese herbal medicines that are beneficial to the human body are used to produce freshly fragrant bones, delicious and tender roast chicken. “Jiao Yuchang said,” Yuchang roasted chicken “was launched, and the reputation was spreading.More and more people who roast chicken are that he himself goes to the store to get roast chicken, and customers will be supervised by customers.

Integrity operations and adhere to the transformation of “roasted chicken king”

Integrity is the foundation of standing. This is the bottom line that Jiao Yuchang has set herself from the first day of “going to the sea”. It has never changed in 37 years.Even now, as long as in Harbin, Jiao Yuchang will go to the company to check the process and check the quality every day; every day at noon, he will evaluate the products of the enterprise with the management personnel every day, and check the “color, fragrance, taste, shape” of the product on the day.For process parameters, the company will also adjust the standards according to the differences in seasons and raw materials.

Speaking of the most sensational thing to ensure integrity, Jiao Yuchang is proud to this day.”In 1985, the Mid -Autumn Festival, considering that the sales volume during the festival was large, the workshop slowed down in advance and reserved a lot of white chicken raw materials, resulting in some white chicken.Chinese herbal medicine is made, and the roasted chicken made like the chicken. But I resolutely destroyed this batch of raw materials for roasted chicken, which directly lost more than 10,000 yuan.Yes, although distressed, I don’t regret it. “Jiao Yuchang said that since then, the enterprise has really formed the values of” making food is conscience “.

In the subsequent development of the enterprise, Jiao Yuchang always put the taste and feelings of customers, especially health and safety.Strict control and excellence in variety selection, raw materials, production technology, workshop hygiene and other aspects.At the same time, there are strict and detailed quantitative parameter standards for the production time, temperature, and process, and control the processing links to prevent unqualified products from leaving the factory. During the sales process, in order to ensure that food is fresh, Yuchang Food Guarantee is to the chain store every day according to the plan needs every day.At least two times are distributed, and the sanitary disinfection procedures are strictly implemented in the store to publicize the warranty.

It is such a consistent quality of conscience that the name of “Roast Chicken King” Jiao Yuchang has spread throughout Harbin Street and alleys.In 2016, Yuchang roasted chicken was rated as “the first Chinese gold medal tourist snack”.Jiao Yuchang has also won honorary titles such as “Top Ten Gourmet in Longjiang”, a model for the provincial food industry, and the national advanced individual industrial and commercial households.In December 2016, at the 30th anniversary commendation conference of the Chinese Individual Labor Association, Jiao Yuchang was awarded the title of “National Advanced Individual Industry and Commerce” for the third time, and was cordially met by Premier Li Keqiang as a representative.

Establish a hundred -year -old enterprise in Longjiang Food Brands

“Focusing on food for a lifetime, a brand has been doing a century.” This is the positioning of Jiao Yuchang’s enterprise development. To build a century -old company, it is not only the efficiency of corporate benefits.He actively organizes the establishment of non -public party organizations in the enterprise to hire specialized talents to be responsible for non -public party building work; attach importance to the introduction of talents, and build a food research and development base for schools and enterprises; constantly adjust the establishment of corporate culture … During the interviewOne thing, these seemingly not directly related to the company’s eyes in the eyes of many people, are Jiao Yuchang’s future plan.

How to conform to the trend of the times and step by step in the wave of reform and opening up?Jiao Yuchang said that persisting in studying with the times is the source of his continuous growth.According to Jiao Yuchang, since August 14, 1982, he and 6 individual households in Daowai District, Harbin have established the first “individual theoretical learning group” in the country.The policy of the Great Administration will adjust the development layout of the enterprise in a timely manner.

“Now I want to come to my initial” going to the sea “can only be regarded as entrepreneurship. At that time, I did not understand the management and did not understand management. The current results were studied and explored in actual work over the years.” Jiao Yichang said. At the stage of modernization management, in the face of my country’s current transformation and development and the post -industrial era of urgent need of industrial adjustment, he started a new round of innovation.He said that he would be a company with the spirit of craftsmen.For this reason, in recent years, he has invested 26 million yuan to build a standardized production workshop for GMP food, produce casual packaging and fresh packaging products. While ensuring product quality, while expanding “Internet+” e -commerce and “Beishangguang” and other first -tier citiesThe construction of 7-11, full-time, family, Rosen and other international business-over channels, enrich the market channels of the enterprise, and step out of Longjiang Black Land, participate in a large cycle of market economy in the country, and innovate the larger added value of Yuchang food.

Don’t forget to dig well.Today, Jiao Yuchang bravely assumes social responsibility and led nearly a thousand employee teams. The annual tax tax has reached 10.21 million yuan, a total of more than 7 million yuan of public welfare donations, and actively responded to the call of the party and governments at all levels., Build roads in two poor villages, build new houses for poor households, and build standardized breeding bases.

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