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Haikou: Science and Technology Painted Village Mi Minfu "Feng" scene

  In Yaocheng Village, Daofeng Town, Meilan District, Chen Mingsheng, a agricultural machine, placed a piece of seedlings into the carrier.Photo by Yang He, a reporter from this newspaper

  In general in Changfu Village in Po Town, agricultural technicians use drones to sow.Photo by Yang He, a reporter from this newspaper

  In the perennial vegetable production base of Longquan Town, farmers checked the sticky insects placed in the cowou area.Reporter reporter Sun Shijie

  At the experimental greenhouse of the Institute of Vegetables of the Institute of Agricultural Sciences of Hainan Province, the staff tried pruning strips for tomatoes.Reporter reporter Sun Shijie

  Overlooking the rice experimental field of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences in Hainan Province, one acre of rice is tall and green, and it is full of vitality.Reporter reporter Sun Shijie

  On March 21, researchers checked vegetable growth in the field.Reporter reporter Sun Shijie

  At the pepper test field of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences in Hainan Province, agricultural technicians checked the growth of peppers.Reporter reporter Sun Shijie

  In the Laboratory of the Hainan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the experiments checked the growth of the plants in the diner.Reporter reporter Sun Shijie

  □ our reporter Li Yue

  Recently, the crops in the vegetable base of Po Lun Village, Yunlong Town, Qiongshan District have added a few new greens, which is interesting to the distant litchi flowers. A green and beautiful field picture shows.

  On the morning of March 21, in the vegetable base of Po Lun Village, the cowpea vines that were growing up were entangled. The farmers were busy watery and prepared for the new round of fruits.

  Planting cowpea is one of the important sources of income for farmers in Po Lun Village.In order to deal with the main pests of cowpea -aphids and thrips, farmers have always used pesticides for prevention and treatment. Not only are the planting costs high, but pesticide residues will affect human health and soil quality.In recent years, the municipal agricultural and rural departments have covered the insect -proof net for cowpea, promoting yellow -blue bissens and seductive insects, reducing the amount of chemical pesticides, and improving the quality of cowpea.”After installing the insect -proof net, the main pests have decreased by 70%. Now it is enough to take medicine once every 15 to 20 days.” Villager Zhang Jieyu said.

  ”Compared with open -air planting, cowpea with green planting technology can reduce the amount of chemical pesticides by more than 30%per mu, and the output has increased by at least 20%.” Tan Kuisun, a senior agronomist at the Municipal Agricultural Technology Center, said that the color plate can not only lure adults, but alsoThis can also be monitored at the beginning of the occurrence of insect pests, which facilitates the timely treatment of farmers and take corresponding prevention measures.After the planting season of cowpea is over, the planting of leafy vegetables such as cabbage is also very useful.

  The vigorous development of the cowpea industry is due to the strong support of green agricultural technology.The landing of the Meilan Vegetable Courtyard has made more scientific and technological achievements in Haikou “flying into the home of ordinary people”, becoming a good helper for farmers, and escorting leafy planting protection.

  ”Go, go to the land of vegetable farmers together.” On the afternoon of March 20th, at the entrance of Meilan Vegetable Technology Courtyard, the reporter encountered He Shengya, a graduate student who was preparing to collect experimental samples under the ground.After a while, I took the reporter to the side of the village’s vegetable land. “The results of the first experiment were not bad. Under the premise of reducing the amount of chemical fertilizers, not only the cost per mu was reduced by more than 400 yuan, the increase in the production of vegetables was 3.2%, Cabbage has increased by 8.92%. “He Shengya was more satisfied with the experimental results.

  Today, many farmers in Haikou have improved planting techniques with the help of science and technology centers, and they have carried out green agriculture.In the past year, Lei Yishou, a villager in Jiale Village, Lingshan Town, through the theory of scientific planting and using scientific cultivation theory, vegetable land revenue is significantly higher than last year.It can sell better, the power of technology is great! “

  In Haikou, thanks to the blessing of technology, farmers’ production methods have realized the transformation from “carried cattle” to “machine cultivation” and from “experience” to “data”.There are more and more farmers who are planted in science. They are willing to accept new things and gradually become high -quality farmers of “wise planting”. Not only will the output increase, but the money bags are getting more and more drums.

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