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[Healthy Life] Movement is beneficial. How can you move healthier?

If you want good health, the right amount of exercise daily is very important.It is recommended that the masses exercise in an appropriate amount according to their own situation.Movement is beneficial, and expensive is insisting.

Scientific fitness has principles

Keep in mind the key is the key

Scientific fitness should conduct a comprehensive physical assessment, choose safe and effective fitness exercises, follow a gradual fitness plan, participate in various forms of sports, comprehensively develop exercise capabilities, formulate personalized exercise prescriptions, and adhere to frequent exercise.

The main points of scientific fitness exercise plans include: exercise, exercise strength, exercise frequency, and each exercise time.

Scientific fitness can promote

Healthy lifestyle formation

Scientific fitness should integrate physical activities into daily life. Pay attention to complement each other with comprehensive nutrition, full rest and safe environment to achieve the ideal exercise effect.

Exercise is good for health

Reduce the risk of disease

Scientific fitness can enhance cardiopulmonary function, strengthen muscle and bones, help maintain healthy weight, reduce the risk of disease, improve life vitality, promote mental health, and improve the quality of life.

Sitting for a long time

Movement is beneficial

Reduce the time of sitting and encourage physical activities in various forms anytime, anywhere, and move up every hour. Daily physical activity is a healthy cornerstone.

Exercise risk assessment

Improve exercise safety

Before exercise, you should understand the history of the patient and family medical history, screen the physiological indicators, perform physical measurement, comprehensively evaluate the physical condition, and reduce the risk of exercise.

The exercise link must be complete

Diverse exercise methods

A complete exercise should include preparations, formal exercise, and organizing activities. These three links are indispensable. One week of exercise and fitness should include aerobic exercise, strength exercises, and flexibility exercises. These three methods must not be abolished.

Children and adolescents should cultivate exercise habits

Master the sports skills

It is recommended that children and adolescents cumulative exercises at least one hour of medium intensity and above per day, cultivate the habit of lifelong exercise, improve physical fitness, master exercise skills, and encourage large intensity exercises; young people should participate in at least 3 times a week to help strong bones and bones and bones andMuscle exercise.

Adult movement must guarantee a certain strength

Frequency and duration

It is recommended to exercise not less than 3 times a week;

Perform a total of at least 150 minutes of medium -intensity aerobic exercise;

Aerobic exercise of at least 75 minutes per week can also reach the amount of exercise;

A combination of motion combined with medium and large intensity aerobic exercise can also meet the daily physical activity. Each aerobic exercise time should be at no less than 10 minutes. At least 2 days a week, all major muscle group participation shouldAnti -resistance force exercises.

The elderly do their best

Keep the level of proper physical activity

Elderly people should engage in exercise adapting to their own physical fitness. While paying attention to aerobic exercise, they pay attention to the practice of muscle strength, properly carry out balance ability exercise, strengthen muscle, bones, and prevent falling.

Special people should exercise under professional guidance

Be able to do

Special groups (such as infants and young children, pregnant women, patients with chronic diseases, disabled people, etc.) should exercise under the guidance of doctors and sports professionals.

From today

Keep a healthy way

Be a healthy and happy person

Quit smoking, avoid alcohol

Go to bed early and get up early, exercise your body

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