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How smart is Chengdu 2024 Tangyou Cup?These "black technology" add wings!

In 2024, Da Dar Energy Temas Cup and Yuber Cup final (hereinafter referred to as Chengdu 2024 Tangyou Cup) is imminent. The highest level of group competitions in this world badminton will not only show the superb level of thethletes, all kinds of various types, all kindsIntelligent technology products will also fully empower the Chengdu 2024 Tangyou Cup.
Science and technology facilities to improve the quality of the field
Chengdu High -tech Sports Center
Chengdu High -tech Sports Center has previously hosted the Chengdu World Table Tennis Championships and the Chengdu Grand Games table tennis competition, and has accumulated rich experience in running.The 2024 Tangyou Cup in Chengdu, adhering to the principle of green and frugal, added some high -tech facilities for badminton projects in the venue, and once again broaden the dimension of the venue.
Light transformation map according to Red Star News
The smart light control system has always been one of the highlights of the Chengdu High -tech Sports Center. For the special requirements of the badminton project, the venue has made a set of lighting system for Chengdu 2024 Tangyou Cup.In the badminton game, athletes need to look up the movement of the ball for a long time, so direct lighting lights cannot appear directly above the venue. The new lighting system allows athletes to better play the competition in the game.
With the development of science and technology, the “real -time playback system” is the “eagle eye” that everyone often refers to. A large number of use in sports events, “Eagle Eye” has also become the standard for high -level badminton events.Chengdu High -tech Sports Center has added 10 “Eagle Eyes” high -speed cameras to the venue this time. At that time, the flying trajectory of badminton can be captured at different angles. Through computer calculations, these data are generated to generate three -dimensional images., Clearly showing the motion route and falling point of badminton on the large screen.
Smart products improve service details
The success of a large -scale event is often displayed through many details.For example, Chengdu 2024 Tangyou has introduced a lot of smart products to provide the exquisite experience in service details for the participating athletes and audiences.
A smart shoe box is placed in the locker room of Chengdu High -tech Sports Center. This smart shoe box has the function of drying, dehumidifying and sterilizing, and can accurately control the temperature. It will also better serve the athletes.
The staff is introducing this smart shoe box
In addition, two projection was invested in the athlete lounge to meet the needs of athletes to watch, watching, leisure and entertainment.The venue also prepared a AI intelligent fitness mirror & mdash; & mdash; “magic mirror”.This intelligent terminal with high -definition screens, microphone array, light, and somatosensory technology can lead athletes to follow the coach “immersive” in the mirror to relax before the game and postpone stretching.
Projector in the athlete’s rest area
In the venue, a smart retail robot will also serve everyone.”This retail robot is the first service robot in the industry that focuses on the pan -retail field. It can solve the problem of the peak daily retail supply of the event. It has a multi -sensor fusion algorithm that can perfectly adapt to a variety of indoor scenes. I believe it during the game.Can bring a different experience to the audience. “The staff introduced.
Smart retail robot
Intelligent technology illuminates the green stadium
Adhering to the integration of green and technology, energy -saving and environmental protection has always received much attention.The rainwater recovery system, indoor CO₂ concentration monitoring system, indoor CO₂ concentration monitoring system, CO concentration monitoring device with exhaust equipment, new wind -saving operations such as CO concentration monitoring with air exhaust equipment, and other energy -saving systems and equipment can effectively realize resource conservation and help green and low -carbon development.Essence
According to the relevant person in charge of Chengdu 2024 Tangyou Cup Executive Agency, “In addition to light control and hydropower control, there is also a special intelligent system in the venue to monitor the operation of the entire venue.The technology system can bring the best experience to the Chengdu 2024 Tangyou Cup. “
Chengdu High -tech Sports Center map according to Red Star News
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