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Ilan Van Wilder Disapproves of Proposed Soudal Quick-Step and Jumbo-Visma Merger – ‘We Don’t Agree with This Nonsense’

Ilan Van Wilder secured a remarkable victory for his team Soudal Quick-Step at the Tre Valli Varesine on Tuesday, embarking on a solo breakaway covering an impressive 10 kilometers. However, his focus swiftly shifted during a media interview following his win, as he unequivocally voiced his opposition to the rumored merger between his team and the Belgian outfit Jumbo-Visma, stating, “We strongly disapprove of this situation,” in a conversation with Eurosport.

Ilan Van Wilder hit out at the proposed merger between Soudal Quick-Step and Jumbo-Visma after winning the Tre Valli Varesine on Tuesday.
The two teams are reportedly in discussions about a potential merger as early as next year.
Wilder rides for Soudal Quick-Step and the Belgian hinted that others in the outfit share his feelings.

Jumbo-Visma would reportedly be the dominant partner in any combination of the teams, and after briefly discussing his victory in a post-race interview with Eurosport, he moved on to let his feelings be known.
“It’s [been] difficult weeks for us, so this victory is really for my team-mates and for our staff, to show that we don’t agree with all this s***,” he said.
With Jumbo-Visma head Richard Plugge set to retain control of the team, speculation mounts that Soudal Quick-Step would be hit hardest by any combination.

Ilan Van Wilder Disapproves of Proposed Soudal Quick-Step and Jumbo-Visma Merger – ‘We Don’t Agree with This Nonsense’

“We want to continue as Soudal Quick-Step,” Van Wilder continued. “We are strong enough and I hope it will be like this.”

Van Wilder dominated at Tre Valli Varesine with a determined solo drive which he likened to a time trial pace, and while he has a contract with his team until 2025, there are no guarantees that he or any other rider will be kept on at Soudal Quick-Step.
His team-mate Julian Alaphilippe has already said that the situation is “sad” as the team would have 30 spots to fill with riders, but there would be 50 riders in total to pick from between the two teams.
That means that some riders are bound to be released, while support staff could also meet the same fate.

Jumbo-Visma enjoyed an extraordinary run of success this year, triumphing in all of the Grand Tours and securing a commanding presence with their riders claiming the top three positions in the Vuelta a España.


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