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In the 25 years, I have focused on high -quality meat snacks. What are the right things?

Among the many snack companies, a company writes the legend of meat snacks with its unique ideas and unremitting efforts.It is an infinite food Co., Ltd., a cross -century snack company that adheres to the concept of “treating limited resources and carving infinite value”.Over the past 25 years, infinite food Co., Ltd. has deeply cultivated meat snacks with ingenuity, and has gradually become the leading enterprise in the industry, and has established a solid market position.So, what are the right food Co., Ltd., so that it can stand out in the fierce market competition?
On corporate philosophy and development: focus on the original intention, welcome opportunities and challenges
Since its establishment, I have always adhered to the concept of “treating limited resources and carving infinite value”.This concept not only runs through the company’s production and operation activities, but also becomes the common value pursuit of infinite food people.In the face of limited resources, through technological innovation and fine management, Infinite Food Co., Ltd. launched a series of high -quality meat snack products such as infinite grilled chicken wings roots, allowing each resource to exert greater food value.It is this awe and cherishment of resources that has made infinite food Co., Ltd. set a good reputation and image in the industry.
In the process of enterprise development, I Inndalum Food Co., Ltd. has experienced countless challenges and opportunities.In 1999, it was founded in Chaoshan Land in Guangdong. With more than 20 years of aggressive and hard work, it has won “China Famous Trademarks”, “Guangdong Famous Brand Products”, “Chaozhou City ‘Four Beams and Eight Pillars'”Major honorary titles have greatly improved reputation and popularity.From the exploration and attempts of the start -up period, to gradually clarifying product positioning and market positioning, to the leading position of the industry today, infinite food starting Co., Ltd. has finally maintained a focus and firm pace.Through continuous technological innovation and market expansion, infinite food has gradually formed its own brand characteristics and competitive advantages, and now it has become the first brand of high -quality meat snacks in consumers’ minds.
On product power: “From breeding to sales, no one knows chicken than me”
In the field of meat snacks, infinite food Co., Ltd. has always maintained a keen market insight and innovation ability.By continuously pushing out the new, Infinite Food Co., Ltd. has successfully created a diversified product line including the salt -breaking series, roasting series, sauce halogen series, and infinite farm series, which fully meets consumers’ food needs.More than 50 products in the 4 series all condenses the ingenuity and wisdom of infinite food people. Whether it is the choice of raw materials or the control of the production process, they strive to be carefully carved.Take infinite grilled chicken wings as an example, high -quality chicken wings root, exquisite raw materials formula secret fresh fragrance, 360 ° C whirlwind hanging golden temperature locks, 4 ° C vacuum flavor.After this unique pickled and grilled process, the infinite roasted chicken wings have fresh and juicy, and the aroma overflows, which is loved by consumers.
Behind the rich product line, it is necessary to support its products with excellent quality.Therefore, in order to ensure the quality and safety of the product, Infinite Food Co., Ltd. has always kept the corporate mission of “carving good food and creating a good life”, and spares no effort to comprehensively promote the company’s software and hardware construction.In order to refuse OEM OEM and ensure product quality, Infinite Food Co., Ltd. has established two production bases in North and South in Chaozhou and Surabaya to build a high standard for self -built, self -made, self -made, and self -installed.Self -sufficient, and ensure that the ingredients are high -quality and no drug disability. It spent 210 million yuan to build 400 acres of green organic farms; in order to achieve one -stop quality guarantee from the source to the terminal, from the farm to the dining table, it also invested more than 20 million to establish a establishment.With a CNAS certification testing center with an area of more than 1,000 square meters, a large number of advanced high -precision testing equipment abroad has strictly tested hundreds of indicators to ensure that the product meets international food standards.In addition, I Infinite Food Co., Ltd. pays great attention to scientific research and innovation, established a postdoctoral research station, and has obtained 47 related patents and the first industries’ first achievements.From this point of view, endless food can be stabilized for long -term and stable high -quality foods, which is inseparable from its huge investment in raw materials, production and product quality inspection.
In terms of market sales, Infinite Food Co., Ltd. also has a dazzling performance -the total sales of chicken snacks are TOP1, and 300 million grilled chicken calves can be sold each year.At the same time, the infinite farm series products of Infinite Food Co., Ltd. are also favored by consumers.The cumulative sales of infinite eggs have exceeded the 500 million mark, and the infinite quail eggs were selected in the 2023 Tmall Supermarket’s top 100 single -product list.The products of Infinite Food Co., Ltd. have settled in more than 100,000 stores and BC -type supermarket convenience stores in more than 100,000 stores in KA3,000 stores. The market share ranks first in the domestic salt -baked chicken snack industry.The continuous improvement of products and the continuous market share of products have further proved the leading position and strong product power of infinite food Co., Ltd. in the meat snack industry.
Looking back at the past, infinite food Co., Ltd. wrote the legend of the meat snack industry with ingenuity and cherishment of resources.It is believed that in the future, Infinite Food Co., Ltd. will continue to adhere to the concept of “treating limited resources and carving infinite value”, continuously promote technological innovation and product upgrades, and provide consumers with more high -quality, healthy and delicious meat snack products.
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