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Investment 1.3 billion yuan!Pepsi announced the establishment of food bases in Northwest China

  On April 24th, according to media reports, Pepsi announced that the tenth food base settled in the Xi’an Economic Development Zone, Shaanxi.

  It is understood that the initial investment of Pepsi Food Shaanxi production base will reach 80 million US dollars, equivalent to about 575 million yuan.The expected overall investment intention is as high as 180 million US dollars, equivalent to about 1.3 billion yuan. It is the first production base in Pepsi Corporation in Northwest China.

  The first phase of the base of the base is about 32,000 square meters, with a large scale and advanced facilities.Here are two new automated potato chips production lines to achieve efficient and accurate production.

  At the same time, Pepsi also plans to build warehouses, storage cold storage, power facilities and wastewater treatment facilities to ensure the smooth progress of production and the sustainable development of the environment.

  According to the plan, the base will officially start in June 2024, and it is expected to be put into production in September 2025.The setting of this time node not only considers the market demand and change, but also reflects the efficient execution of Pepsi.

  Since 2018, Pepsi has been continuously expanding its manufacturing capabilities in China and continuously increasing investment in China.

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