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Iran’s basketball star Haddadi reveals his World Cup farewell

Iran’s basketball star Hamed Haddadi said in an interview with the media today that this will be his last World Cup.

When he spoke about his serious Achilles injury earlier this year, Haddadi said:

“It was a very hard recovery process. I hurt my Achilles eight months ago, and it didn’t heal very fast. But my doctor, family, wife, they cheered me up every day, and I worked very hard to come back to the court.”

“I’m happy to join the World Cup for the fourth time, and support my teammates and team.” Haddadi added. Haddadi logged 17.9 minutes per game, netting 9.5 points, snatching 6 rebounds, handing out 2.5 assists, making 71.4% of his shots, and 87.5% of his free throws in the first two games of this World Cup, and he is still one of the best players for Iran.

Iran’s basketball star Haddadi reveals his World Cup farewell

“We are looking forward.” Haddadi said, “For the young guys, facing strong teams and strong players is helpful for them to learn some experience of playing high-level basketball. I want to do all I can to inspire them to play better. They are all skilled players, but they lack experience.” Haddadi explained.

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