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Jiafa Education (SZ300559) market trend

Jiafa Education: Artificial intelligence has spawned a large number of new products, new technologies, new formats and new models, and also brings more opportunities to the development of the education industry.As a company that deeply cultivate the education information industry for 20 years, it has been in -depth insight into industry development trends, focusing on improving professional and technical capabilities, and actively promoting the in -depth integration of artificial intelligence and education.Jiafa’s development of “artificial intelligence+education” has a good foundation and unique advantage, such as we have deep awareness of business scenarios, accumulate a lot of scene data, have good customer foundations and application scenarios.In October of this year, we have released and showed the “Lingbu Education Model”. In various types of exams, we can use the ability of Lingbu Education to have a significant improvement in the propositions, processes, and scrolls.Innovation of education applications, in terms of personalized learning, timely assessment and feedback, resource production, Lingbu makes our educational applications more interesting, more accurate, and more efficient.Our new AI products are also being updated and launched one after another. For example, our recent AI career assistant has been launched, AI English learning assistants have begun internal testing, and more related products and applications will continue to launch.

MLS Football Jersey