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Malaysia went to Jilin to promote tourism resources, both parties hoped to interact Changchun, March 22 (Gaolong’an) The China Road Show of the Malaysian Tourism Bureau opened on the 22nd. Government officials in Selangor, Malaysia, Samililan, Sabah and other places and more than 50 tourism companies in charge participated in the event.Promote tourism resources to tourism companies and tourists in Northeast China.

  Chen Yiwen, deputy manager of the Marketing Department of the Sabah Tourism Bureau of Malaysia, went to Northeast China for the second time.In this trip, she prepared many brochures, the forests of Shenshan Park, the diving of West Pandan Island, and the “city of nature” of the “nature of nature” in the mountains.Chen Yiwen said that there is a sunshine beach in Sabah and ice and snow in northeast China.

  On the same day, a business conference was held at the event site. Tourism practitioners of the two countries introduced their respective resources and interconnected contact information.”We want to expand the ‘circle of friends’ and find more new cooperation in Northeast China.” Wang Decheng, executive director of Malaysia Sky Mirror Co., Ltd., said that he had rarely visited the Northeast China on the spot before, but he has always been with many local tourism.Enterprises maintain contact and interaction. He believes that the unique Southeast Asian scenery in Malaysia will make tourists here like it.

  Wang Zhi, the business manager of Jilin Overseas Tourism Co., Ltd., met many new friends through this event.He believes that the ecological tours in Sabah and the shopping tour in Kuala Lumpur are all popular choices, which will help to expand new tourism routes.

  Wu Anqi, president of the Malaysian Tourism Culture Promotion Chamber of Commerce, said that this year is the 50th anniversary of Malaysia’s establishment of diplomatic relations.Communication and cooperation in more areas.(over)

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