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Moms, postpartum exercises remember these 4 critical time points

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In the fast -paced modern life, maintaining a healthy body is becoming more and more important.The beautiful mother who loves beauty is no exception. Many pregnant mothers pay attention to controlling their diet and maintaining their bodies during pregnancy.However, the postpartum mother’s body is relatively weak. The rehabilitation activities must be gradual, and should not be premature, too anxious, and too strong.Today, let’s talk about how to master the timing and strength of exercise after delivery ~

Part 01

The benefits of appropriate postpartum exercise


Promote the shrinkage of the uterus, and promote the dew

Prevention of venous thrombosis

Improve mother’s cardiopulmonary function, physical composition, sleep quality, etc.

Restoration of pelvic foundation, abdominal rectus muscles, etc.


Improve immunity, reduce the occurrence of complications such as obesity, diabetes, and hypertension

Relieve postpartum anxiety and reduce postpartum depression

Part 01

How to move after childbirth?



On the day after giving birth

Regardless of whether it is a delivery or cesarean section, pregnant mothers should avoid long -term lying after the production. It can get up for 6 to 12 hours of childbirth, and the cesarean section can also get out of bed for about 24 hours.


2 days after delivery to 6 weeks after delivery

After 2 days after giving birth, you can combine your physical condition and start doing puerperium health exercises under the guidance of a doctor.During this period, the exercise during this period was based on the principle of not tired and pain, and some upper limbs stretching movements and kicking movements were performed.Appropriately doing some simple health exercises can effectively alleviate the problem of back pain after production and help postpartum recovery.However, some high -intensity exercise or weight -bearing labor should not be performed during this time.


From 6 weeks after delivery to half a year after giving birth

After 6 weeks after giving birth, after the “confinement” in the traditional sense, it is possible to do appropriate low -intensity exercise without any discomfort in the body, and start mild aerobic exercise and pottery muscle exercise. Specific recommended exercise is:

(1) Mild aerobic exercise: Breastfeeding mothers can begin to regularly aerobic exercise, such as walking, swimming, jogging, yoga, etc.Starting from 15 minutes per day, the strength and amount of exercise are gradually increased.

(2) Basin bottom muscle exercise: The starting 6 weeks after giving birth is the best time to repair the bottom of the basin. You can perform potting floor exercise, such as Kigel exercise.The postpartum pelvic floor muscle exercise can help the uterus and other internal organs to return to a better state. The Kigel exercise can improve the problem of potting of the pelvic floor and improve the problems of urinary incontinence and sexual dysfunction.

(3) Abdominal muscle exercise: Some abdominal muscle exercises can be performed after giving birth, such as sitting up and sitting on supine.(1)

(4) Fitness dance: Simple and low -intensity fitness dance helps to recover postpartum body, while also improving cardiopulmonary function.

(5) Gently stretching: Some gentle stretching movements can be performed after giving birth, such as yoga, Piratt, etc., which can not only play a stretching effect, but also belong to aerobic activity.


More than half a year after giving birth

It can only be done for more than half a year after giving birth, and it can be gradually restored to the exercise mode before pregnancy.

PS: Remember to monitor and evaluate postpartum weight after delivery. It is a critical period of weight recovery within one year after delivery. It is recommended that pregnant mothers measure weight regularly after childbirth, and gradually recover to pre -pregnancy levels from 6 months to 1 year after delivery.

Corrucing the scientific postpartum exercise step by step can help Baoma get better physical fitness and satisfactory healthy healthy weight after giving birth. I hope that every Baoma can also become a better self while giving birth to a new life!


Original title: “Moms, Remember these 4 key time points in postpartum exercise”

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