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Nongfu Shanquan responded to "the richest man to donate only 24,000 bottles"

Recently, Nongfu Shanquan has been in the vortex of controversy of public opinion.One of the disputes is that during the Gansu earthquake at the end of 2023, Nongfu Spring donated 24,000 bottles of drinking water to the disaster area of Gansu.

For the donation, the public opinion had serious differences.Some people think that every help in the face of disaster is precious.However, some people said that for large companies like them, 24,000 bottles of water are not much, and even point out that the cost of these water may be only 24,000 yuan, even if it is market price, only about 50,000.The company’s boss Zhong Yan’s richest man is not commensurate.

On March 23, Nongfu Mountain Spring issued an internal letter to respond to the recent rumors of “the richest man to donate 24,000 bottles of water in the Jishi Mountain earthquake”.

In this internal letter, Nongfu Spring explained the original committee of the “24,000 bottles of water” incident.

Nongfu Shanquan said that in the Wenchuan disaster relief of that year, the company was commissioned by the Ministry of Commerce to transport water with nearly 400 car skin in the disaster area twice, but it encountered the problem of loading and unloading. Due to the difficulty of loading and unloading, it even affected to a certain extent.Transportation of other disaster relief materials.To this end, the company has learned from the Wenchuan earthquake disaster relief, and has begun to formulate the company’s “Principles and Treatment of Emergency Response and Handling the Minsheng Public Crisis Incident” in the following years: granted the right to donation decision within 10,000 boxes of various provincial regions., Automatically start, no need to report to the headquarters.Later, Nongfu Spring had some regions, such as Sichuan and Ganqingning District, a donation right within 1,000 boxes (about 24,000 bottles) was granted to urban managers and dealers.

The internal letter pointed out that the so -called “24,000 bottles of water” was produced under this system -in fact, it was the first batch of disaster relief supplies that local employees and dealers prepared overnight after the earthquake.

It is worth mentioning that on March 21st, Nongfu Spring Inner Network released a “Clarity and Explanation of the Social Responsibility of the Health Hall Group” (hereinafter referred to as “Clarity and Explanation”), which responded to donations and societyResponsibility issue.According to the information revealed by this “Clarity and Explanation”, as of December 31, 2023, the total donation of social donations of the Yangyangtang Group has exceeded 900 million yuan.

In addition, Nongfu Shanquan pointed out that the online donation was donated to Harvard 100 million and donated 50 million to the Japanese earthquake, which was pure rumors.

The following is the full text of “Clarity and Description” and internal letter:


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