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Provincial first exercise prescription physician certification training class Rizhao classes

  Rizhao Daily/Rizhao News Network News On May 16th, hosted by the American Society of Sports Medicine, Shandong Biomedical Engineering Society, Huaxia Transport Medical (Beijing) Academy of Medical Research, Shandong University Second Hospital, Shandong Biomedical Engineering Society Medical Fusion Professional Committee, Rizhao City China Jiaga International InternationalThe first ACSM Chinese EPP sports prescription physician certification training course hosted by the Health Management Center (Rizhao City Sports Hospital) opened a class at the China -Canada International Health Management Center.

  More than 60 doctors from the orthopedics of orthopedics, rehabilitation medicine, endocrinology, and sports medicine department of various hospitals across the country participated in the training.The training course lasted for three days, covering the theoretical foundation, formulation method, and practical application of the sports prescription. Students must not only master the principles, principles, and methods of formulating sports prescriptions.The actual combination of various diseases to improve the effects of treatment and rehabilitation, to achieve the goal of reducing medical expenses, reducing social operation costs, and improving the health level of the people.

MLS Football Jersey