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Raptors unwilling to trade Barnes for Lillard

Recently, NBA Hall of Famer Zach Lowe talked about the Raptors’ possible offer for Lillard on his podcast.

According to previous reports, several teams in the East are interested in Lillard, with the Raptors being the most favored.


Speaking on whether the Raptors would be willing to trade Scotty Barnes for Lillard, Lowe said: “I don’t think the Raptors would send Scotty Barnes in a Lillard trade, wouldn’t even consider it, they didn’t offer Barnes in their previous offer for Durant, and you’re sure they’d trade Barnes for Lillard?”

Raptors unwilling to trade Barnes for Lillard

Lowe’s comments sparked a hot debate, with some fans arguing that the Raptors should offer Lillard for Barnes in order to form a truly competitive roster. There are also fans who think the Raptors should not offer Barnes, who is the future of the team, while Lillard is 32 years old.

Options for the Raptors

If the Raptors want Lillard, they have a tough decision to make. Are they willing to give up Barnes for a Big 3 lineup that may not win a championship?

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