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Riad victory away to Faiha with title aspirations

Riyadh Victory is on the road to Faiha in the 11th round of the 2023/2024 Saudi Professional League season. With rivals dropping points one after another, Riyadh Victory will steadily move up to the second place in the table if they win this game.

Riyadh Victory won the second place in the league last season, and this season the team introduced new recruits such as Mane, Laporte, Brozovic, Seco Fofana, Ottavio and Teles, which has significantly improved their strength. After the first ten rounds, Riyadh Victory achieved 7 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses, and ranked third in the table with 22 points, 4 points behind the top of the table Riyadh Crescent, which is still in the sequence of the competition for the title.

C Luo in this season performance is very good, the last round of the AFC Champions League in the second degree to help the team to promote, the current league appearance 9 times contributed 11 goals and 5 assists, the various tournaments 19 games 19 goals and 7 assists, the 17th consecutive season goals at least 20 +. Moving into 2023, Crowe has scored a total of 43 goals for his national team and club, leading the top five leagues. Although the intensity of the Saudi league cannot be compared to the top five European leagues for the time being, Crowe’s form is still breathtaking.

In fact, since opening the league with two consecutive losses, Riyadh Victory has gone unbeaten in 13 consecutive matches with a record of 12 wins and 1 draw, a 92.3% win rate. In addition to Crowe, Talisca has been in fine form, contributing 13 goals and 4 assists in 16 appearances in all competitions, averaging over a goal per game involved. Together with Mane’s 8 goals and 2 assists, Otavio, Brozovic and Fofana’s excellent play, Riyadh Victory’s offensive firepower is basically guaranteed.

Riad victory away to Faiha with title aspirations

Of course, Riyadh Victory also has a shortcoming, that is, the defense is relatively fragile, even if Laporte’s joining can not completely solve this stubborn problem. Data shows that Riyadh Victory conceded 13 goals in the first 10 rounds of the league, which is more than Riyadh Crescent, Buraidai Co-operation and Jeddah United, and only better than Jeddah National among the title contenders.

It is worth noting that in the current round of the league, Buraidai Cooperation drew 1-1 with Saihawan and defending champion Jeddah United drew 2-2 with Hassam, leaving none of Riyadh Victory’s rivals, who are on a four-round winless streak, without a victory, meaning that Riyadh Victory still has a chance to secure a top-three spot in the standings. In addition, Riyadh Crescent will face Jeddah United in this round, which is a tough match, and if Riyadh Crescent loses points, it will be good news for Riyadh Victory.

Compared to Riyadh Victory, Faiha is just a mid-tier team, with 3 wins, 5 draws and 2 losses in the first 10 rounds of the tournament, with a win rate of only 30%, and is currently ranked eighth in the table. In the past 12 meetings between the two teams, Riyadh Victory won 7, drew 4 and lost 1, so they are still expected to win all three points.


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