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"San" star, Zhu Hai’s leisure sports town lake is boiling!

Royal wind relying on power, Yang Fan was just at the time.On April 20, Zhuhai Leisure Sports Town and sailing in Sucheng District, Suqian City ushered in a beautiful encounter. The two -day 2024 Jiangsu Sailing Club League (Suqian Station) officially started.

This competition attracted more than 120 small sailors from Nanjing, Nantong, Suzhou, Yangzhou, Lianyungang and other regions to participate, adding vitality and enthusiasm given to the lakes of Zhuhai Leisure Town.

At 2 pm on April 20, the lake was blowing “Dongfeng”. As the referees whistled, dozens of teams sailed.On the sparkling lake, the young sailors were skilled in the sailing boat, constantly adjusting their sails, and driving to the final blue airline.A sailing boat scratched a beautiful arc on the surface. From the shore, the “sail” star was not spectacular.Qunfan competition, chasing the wind and waves, such a special scene has attracted many citizens and photography enthusiasts to go to Zhuhai Leisure Town to take pictures and punch cards.

Ms. Zhang, a citizen who watched the race on the shore, said that my children were about the same age as these little sailors and saw them struggling on the lake, not to mention how envious is it.

Without engines, no propellers, with the will, skills and sails of people, feel the freedom of the wind and waves -this is the most touching charm of the sailing movement.The aim of this competition is to promote the promotion of sailing movement, promote the development of the youth sailing projects in Jiangsu Province, strengthen interactive exchanges between regions, and let more young people understand the sailing movement, love sailing sports, and join the sailing movement.

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