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Shaoyang City Transportation Bureau does a good job of ecological environmental protection in the transportation field of transportation

Red Net Moment News April 2 News(Correspondent Liu Lianli Li Zezhi) “Now that the mud is gone, the water has changed, and everyone can rest assured to drink high -speed repair of mountain spring water.” Villagers in Dengjiapu Town, Dengjiapu, Wugang City praised.
The excavator is uninstalled the new high -speed soil residue.
Recently, villagers in Dengjiapu Town, Wugang City reported that the G59 Hubei Expressway (New Highway) under construction was discharged by black water in the abandoned soil farm in the Dengjiapu section of Wugang, and the construction of the construction was serious.pollute.The on -site monitoring of the Wugang Ecological Environment Branch was lost in order to abandon the soil and soil, and no pollutant emissions.The Shaoyang City Transportation Bureau and the Wugang Expressway Construction Headquarters quickly organized and guided the new high -speed construction unit to make a step -grading and classified unloading of the soil farm in a timely manner according to the opinions of the ecological environment department.And cover the exposed soil sand and gravel to ensure that the abandoned soil is no longer lost and dust, so that local drinking water and air can be effectively guaranteed.
In recent years, the Shaoyang City Transportation Bureau has strictly implemented their duties, adhered to the principle of “three tubes and three must”, resolutely implemented the thought of ecological civilization in Jinping, carried out the construction of ecological civilization solidly, and continued to promote ecological environmental protection and carbon peaks in the transportation field.Work.At present, more than 1,000 high -emission diesel bus vehicles in the city have been offline, updating 1,662 new energy buses (803 units in the city), and the new energy rate has reached 100%;The new energy ratio is more than 80%; 145 taxis are invested in new energy parade.A total of 1509 “zombie ships”, three -free ships, and illegal sand -related ships were eliminated, and 98 illegal docks were remedied.Establish a joint supervision and service information system for water pollutants in ships to achieve 100%of ship pollutant transfer and disposal rates, and ensure that ship waste is received ashore.At the same time, strengthen the supervision of environmental improvement and construction project construction projects in highway roads, and focus on the embezzlement of ecological red lines, dust noise pollution, and existing roads on both sides of the main roads of the main roads under construction.Sports and leakage pollution roads and other issues are timely supervised and disposed of.
“Civilized Transportation Green Travel” publicity activities organized by the Shaoyang City Transportation Bureau.
The relevant person in charge of the Shaoyang City Transportation Bureau said: “Since the provincial environmental protection inspection team has settled in Shaoyang for 20 days, our bureau has not received the issues of complaints and reports assigned by the Provincial Environmental Inspection Team., Real results. In the next step, the city’s transportation system will continue to unswervingly follow the road of ecological priority and green development, and continue to play the “opening pioneer” spirit of traffic people in ecological environmental protection.Three major defense wars, make every effort to build green traffic and low -carbon transportation. “
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