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Smile cure everything?Scientific discovery of the smile treatment behind

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The latest research at the University of Essex’s psychology shows that even a momentary smile can make it easier for us to feel happy.

The latest research of the University of Essex revealed an interesting phenomenon: even a momentary smile can make it easier for us to feel happiness from a face without expression.

The study was led by Dr. Sebastian Korb of the Department of Psychology. He found that even a slight smile can make a person’s face look happier.

This innovative experiment uses electric stimulus technology to induce smiles.The inspiration of this idea comes from a famous experiment in Darwin.Through the painless current stimulate the muscles, a brief and unconscious smile produced.This is the first time in history that facial electrical stimulus can actually change our perception of emotions.

Dr. Corb hopes that this study can provide new ideas for treating depression or other diseases that affect facial expressions (such as Parkinson’s disease and autism).He explained: “Through the slightly controlled activation of the opposite muscles, we can make a happy illusion of the original neutral or slightly sad face. This discovery is breakthrough.”

This study uses a modern version of the technology developed by French doctor Duchenne de Boulogne in the 19th century.Mention.In order to ensure the security of the experiment and the accuracy of the smile, the voltage used in new experiments is appropriately reduced.

A total of 47 participants joined the study published in the magazine published in “Social Cognition and Emotional Neuroscience”.The researchers showed the participants a digital virtual person and asked them to evaluate whether these people looked happy or sad.In some tests, smiling muscles were activated by electricity at the beginning of the expression.The results of the study show that only 500 millisecond smiles are enough to cause happiness.

Dr. Corb said these findings help us better understand the role of facial feedback and he is planning to expand the study.He said: “We are conducting more experiments in order to further study this phenomenon.” He also hopes that this technology will be applied to groups such as Parkinson’s disease patients in the future to help them improve facial emotional recognition.

In the end, Dr. Corb and his team also released a set of guidelines to help more researchers can safely use facial muscle electrical stimulation technology from 0.

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