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The 33rd Harbin Association | Tangyuan "Goose Commander" shows the fashion style

CCTV Harbin, May 20 (Reporter Ma Junwei, a trainee reporter Chen Xianchun) On May 19th, during the 33rd Harbin International Economic and Trade Fair, the theme of “Review DONG or Jiamus” organized by Jiamusi Cultural Tourism BureauThe new cultural tourism promotion conference and the new product launch conference of the goose command were held at the Harbin Convention and Exhibition Center.

Poor Commander Plush Jacket New Product Conference (Photo by Chen Xianchun, a trainee reporter from CCTV)

Goose Command Clothing Co., Ltd. brought a stunning appearance of more than 60 new new products with a new creative design. It showed consumers in the form of fashionable clothing catwalk, presenting a beautiful visual feast to consumers.

At the press conference, 20 models wearing different styles of down jackets appeared on the stage show, with dynamic and fashionable music, perfectly showing the unique charm and fashion style of new down jackets.

Goose Commander Show (Photo by Chen Xianchun, a student reporter Chen Xianchun)

Liu Jimin, chairman of Heilongjiang Goose Command Clothing Co., Ltd., introduced to the reporter from that the new down clothing of the new product integrates the style of traditional Chinese elements and modern fashion.The Chinese style series combines modern and classical classics, giving the down jacket more soul charm, and wearing national tide clothing makes Chinese people more and more cultural confidence.

The down jacket of the Goose Commander uses the latest national standard “New National standard 90 white duck down” and “New national standard 95 white goose down”.+, Cold resistance can reach -30 ° C to -5 ° C.The outer layer uses professional technology and ingenuity to create water -proof fabrics. The inner inner inner layers use high -mate -free chores with high technology fabrics and is equipped with German anti -chip stitching technology.Anti -velvet is tight and full of feel.The inside uses spontaneous thermal graphene material, which can quickly hear the temperature and lock the temperature to create a down jacket with cold and warmth.

“Since this year, the company focuses on the shape of geese products, highlights innovation and design, sets up clothing creative design companies, assists enterprise creative design, referring to international fashion design concepts, with the theme of” North “, combined with -40 ° C to-The cold -proof level of 20 ° C is incorporated into the elements such as “Erdin Green, Anti -Federation Red, and Very Cold Blue”, and is stepping up the design brand LOGO.

Poor Commander down jacket display (Photo by Chen Xianchun, a trainee reporter Chen Xianchun)

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