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The drug test of the Chinese swimming team of the Tokyo Olympic Games is positive?Ministry of Foreign Affairs: false reports

On April 22, a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Wang Wenbin, presided over a regular press conference.Agence France -Presse asked that according to reports, the World Anti -Doping Agency confirmed on Saturday that China ’s drug testing before the game was positive.Chinese official media said that the relevant reports are the signs of western countries’ slander to China.How do you respond to this?

Wang Wenbin responded. I believe you also noticed that the world’s anti -excitement agency has made a clear response. Related reports are false information and false reports.

He introduced that after the incident was investigated in a comprehensive and detailed investigation by the China Anti -Doping Center in 2021, it was determined that the positive was caused by the athletes’ contaminated foods without knowing it.The Chinese swimmers involved have no fault or negligence, and do not constitute stimulants illegal.After reviewing the review of the World Anti -Doping Agency, the survey results of the China Anti -Doping Center were recognized.

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