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The persistence and breakthrough of Dayuecheng Holdings: Thirty years of steady forward, newly upgraded in five years

In the long history of time, it was only a moment for thirty years.But for a company, thirty years can be called a long and challenging journey.It is not only a symbol of enterprise growth and development, but also a testimony of corporate steady operation and innovation breakthroughs.

In 2023, Dayuecheng Holdings ushered in a milestone of the 30th anniversary of the listing, and in 2024, the fifth anniversary of the brand renovated.

Five years ago, as the only real estate investment and management platform of COFCO Group, Dayue City Holdings held a brand strategic conference of “Da Yue China Fumei Life” in Beijing. For the first time, the company’s new brand concept and strategic vision was displayed.In the past five years, Da Yuecheng Holdings has not only achieved gorgeous transformation in the brand, but also made remarkable achievements in strategic layout, product innovation, and service upgrade.

After the brand renewed, “Da Yuecheng” upgraded from a commercial brand to a company brand, and strengthened the development strategy of “two -wheeled dual -core”.Better Life Creator “.This strategic positioning allows Da Yuecheng Holdings to show a strong crossing power in the industry cycle.

Five years is a small “milestone” node and a new starting point.From a city to a city, from the construction of Guangsha to the city update, Dayue City Holdings has always consumed and lived for residents, creating “beautiful” products and experiences for partners and owners and customers, promoting the innovation of lifeThe development of the city.

After 5 years of integration, the changes and unchanged changes in Dayue City

In the past five years, Da Yuecheng has achieved gorgeous transformation, not only realizing diversified development in products and services, but also achieving membership growth in business layout. It has achieved happiness in nearly 100,000 families in the quality and innovation of residential housing.

In the past five years, the products and service brands of Da Yuecheng Holdings such as “Da Yuecheng”, “Dayuehui” and “Yue System” residential “blooming flowers” have been built to build the company’s brand system and practice a better and lighting life.At the same time, through public welfare brands such as Yue Congress and Yuecheng Run, Yuecheng Holdings actively fulfills social responsibilities and contributes positive energy to the society.

In terms of business layout, Da Yuecheng Holdings Commercial adheres to the strategic concept of “heavy weight” and has continuously expanded the territory. In the past five years, 14 new business projects have been opened in the country, with footprints throughout the first and second -tier cities.A single -year passenger flow increased from 200 million to over 300 million, and the number of members increased by 10.5 million, with a total of over 17.07 million people, and the “family” of Dayue continued to expand.

In April 2024, the Shenyang Longyuexiangyun project was commended by the “Guangsha Award” and witnessed the unremitting efforts of Da Yuecheng Holdings in pursuing the quality of housing.The company has accumulated a total of 63 projects and a new development area of about 17.4 million square meters. Through high -quality delivery, nearly 100,000 families will be cash out of the newly happy new home.

The property brand “Dayue Service” of Dayue City Holdings has been renewed, adding 74 management projects, adding a management area of about 14.6 million square meters to protect a better life with heart.At the same time, Da Yuecheng Holdings has formed its own “ecosystem”, which has continued to play an industry demonstration leading role in the areas of urban renewal, long -term rental apartment formats, and housing sectors.

Looking back at the development of Da Yuecheng Holdings in the past five years, Da Yuecheng has experienced in -depth adjustment of the industry with his colleagues.It is with the constant “stable” that the company has achieved safety and sustainable development in the market.In 2023, the ranking of Dayue City Holdings rose to 20th in the “2024 China Real Estate Top 100 Enterprise Research Achievement Conference”, an increase of 21 from 2019.

Persevere in the original intention: Create more good futures to benefit everyone

In the tide of the real estate industry, Da Yuecheng Holdings has become the leader of the industry with its unique brand concept and strategic positioning.Years are flowing, Huaying is new.The thirty years of Da Yuecheng Holdings are a process of continuous exploration and innovation, and a process of dancing with the times and growing up with the city.

At the new historical starting point, Dayue City Holdings will continue to adhere to the original intention and cooperate with industry, brands, and external platforms to jointly create more good futures that benefit everyone.

The original intention of Da Yuecheng Holdings is to create more beauty for cities and provide residents with a higher quality life experience.This initial heart runs through the development process of Yuecheng Holdings, and has become its source of motivation for continuous innovation and breakthroughs.Whether in the layout of commercial real estate or the development of residential products, Dayuecheng Holdings adheres to customer needs -oriented, driven by innovation, and constantly pushes new and leads the industry trend.

In the development blueprint of Dayue City Holdings, win -win cooperation is an important keyword.Da Yuecheng Holdings knows that only cooperation with industry, brands, external platforms and other parties can we gather more resources and wisdom and jointly promote the development of the industry.Therefore, Dayuecheng Holdings actively build a diverse ecosystem, and achieve mutual benefit and win -win results through resource sharing and complementary advantages.

In terms of helping industrial upgrading, Da Yuecheng Holdings has taken a unique development path in the field of urban renewal, and continues to play the role of industry demonstration leadership.Taking the Beijing area as an example, the company participated in the urban renewal projects guided by Beijing and various districts, and actively negotiated with relevant departments such as Dongcheng District, Xicheng District, Chaoyang District, Haidian District and other districts on urban renewal work.Structure and functional layout.

As a company with a sense of social responsibility, Dayuecheng Holdings has always put social responsibility in an important position.Regardless of whether to promote rent and exemption, help small and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households through difficulties, or actively serving the national strategy, Da Yuecheng Holdings has undergone actual actions, demonstrating the responsibility and responsibility of the enterprise.

The data available for reference is that from 2021 to 2022, Yuecheng Holdings fully promoted the rent and exemption of rent, and the accumulated approval of multiple business formats for a total of 1 billion yuan in rent, helping about 5,000 merchants, especially small and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial household tenants,After the difficulty, work with the merchants with actual actions.

Regarding future development, Dayue City Holdings mentioned that it will continue to adhere to the original intention, drive innovation as a driver, take win -win cooperation, and take social responsibility as the responsibility, and continuously promote the development of enterprises.Da Yuecheng Holdings has confidence and ability to continue to create more beauty for the city, provide residents with a higher quality life experience, and create more value for partners and owners and customers.Text/Early morning

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