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The ratio of excellent water body ratio of control surface reaches 100% Meishan City’s water ecological environment quality continues to improve

Sichuan Online News (reporter Zhang Meng, a reporter from Meishan Channel) “This is a picture of & lsquo in the Songjiang section of the Puquan River when the staff toured the river.”On March 20th, a press conference on the press conference of Meishan City Ecological Environmental Protection Work with the theme of” Battle Better Blue Water Defending Battle and Painting “was held.According to the situation, Chang Qing, deputy director of the Meishan Ecological and Environment Bureau, used a vivid photo to introduce reporters to reporters to the development of the ecological environmental protection work of Meishan Shui.

“In the system governance, we work hard and carry out special actions to improve water quality.” Chang Qing, deputy director of Meishan Ecological and Environment Bureau, introduced that by focusing on controlling the source of control, the “water clear river”, focusing on ecological repair, and realizing “fish, grass, grass, grass, grass, grass, grass, grass, grass, grass, grass, grass”Focus on the beautiful rivers and lakes and realize” human water harmony “. In terms of supervision, relying on modern inspection methods such as automatic water quality stations, micro stations, and video surveillance, 98 water -related points in the city’s key watersheds are normalized.Ensure water environment safety.

According to the General Economist of Meishan Economic and Information Technology Bureau, Meishan continuously improves industrial sewage management in accordance with the method of “corporate governance & mdash; centralized treatment & mdash; cyclic use”, eliminating high -water consumption enterprises, and actively promoting industrial enterprises to carry out recycling and transformation.Efforts will be made to promote the comprehensive utilization of water resources, work hard in sewage treatment, water saving and emission reduction, and recycling, and fight the defense of blue water.Last year, Meishan City’s 10,000 yuan industrial added value was 17.09 cubic meters, a decrease of 8.59%from 2020, reaching the national advanced level.

In promoting the “New Three Push” of urban domestic sewage treatment facilities, Meishan refined tasks to decompose and promote urban domestic sewage treatment with high standards.Zhang Xudong, deputy director of the Housing and Urban -Rural Development Bureau of Meishan City, introduced that in 2023, Meishan’s total investment was about 356 million yuan to carry out the construction of sewage treatment facilities.cover.

Yang Min, deputy director of the Meishan Water Resources Bureau, introduced that in the process of comprehensively implementing the long system of the river and lake, Meishan improved the institutional mechanism, upgraded the rivers and lake length system, and explored the establishment of a “river length+prosecutor” cooperation mechanism;The duties of duties, the river and lake management and protection are strong and effective. The river length of the city has accumulated more than 110,000 river tours, solving nearly 4,000 rivers and lakes, and nearly 20 million yuan in capital investment in various places.More than 60,000 tons, it will continue to consolidate the results of rivers and lakes, and keep the background color of “Yijiang Qingshui”.

The reporter learned from the press conference that since the “Fourteenth Five -Year Plan”, the proportion of excellent water bodies in the watershed surface of Meishan City Water State has increased from 87.5%to 100%, and the four broken water quality of the Minjiang River has been stable and maintained.As of now, the proportion of excellent water bodies in 16 national and provincial assessment sections (7 Chinese examination surfaces and 9 provincial examination surfaces) has maintained 100%and 24 centralized drinking water sources (including 6 county levels and above, towns and towns and villages and villages and villages and towns and towns and villages.The following 18) water quality standard rate is 100%, and the quality of the city’s water ecological environment has continued to improve.

In the next step, Meishan will continue to tree consciousness, strengthen upstream responsibility, resolutely carry the political responsibility of ecological protection of the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, adhere to ecological priority, green development, and constantly build an ecological barrier in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, and serve the high -quality economic and social development of the economy and society.

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