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The Six NBA Superstars of the Past 30 Years

The NBA is a highly competitive league, where only a few players can achieve the status of superstars. To be considered a superstar, a player must have qualities such as perennial All-Star selections, MVP or FMVP awards, and dominance in the game. However, in the past 30 years, only six players have met this standard. Here are the introductions of these superstars.

Kobe Bryant was a high school player who entered the NBA with little attention. He earned his chance to win games through his hard work. During the Lakers’ three-peat, Kobe gained high prestige and recognition for his performance. Eventually, the team decided to keep Kobe and trade away Shaquille O’Neal. Kobe led the team by himself, winning two scoring titles, one MVP, and two championships with two FMVPs.

He was selected to 11 All-Star teams and nine All-Defensive teams, achieving a grand slam of honors. Kobe was regarded as the strongest shooting guard after Michael Jordan. Steve Nash and Kobe were from the same draft class. Nash was initially just a backup player, until he joined the Suns and showed his organizational skills. He became the first foreign player to win two consecutive MVPs in NBA history, and also won five assist titles. Among point guards, Nash was undoubtedly in the top five.

James Harden was only the third scorer on the Thunder, until he joined the Rockets and started to show his potential. In the Rockets, Harden won three scoring titles, one MVP, and six All-Star selections. He broke various scoring records, and for a long time Harden was the number one scorer in the league. Now, he plays as a point guard, and won two assist titles. He has become one of the strongest dual guards in history, and if he wins a championship, his historical status will be greatly improved.

Giannis Antetokounmpo was an unknown player when he entered the league, until he met Jason Kidd who unleashed his potential. He used his physical advantage to perform unmatched on the court. Now, he is an offensive and defensive player who won MVP and DPOY awards in the same season, five All-Star selections, four All-Defensive teams, and one championship with one FMVP. Among active players, he ranks first in combat power. Nikola Jokic has no player to imitate, his style is slow but steady.

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The Six NBA Superstars of the Past 30 Years

He won MVP and championship with FMVP awards in 2023, which is unique in history. He has comprehensive skills, solid fundamentals, and high basketball IQ. On the court, he often scores 25+12+5 data. He is an excellent leader and a perfect cornerstone for building a team. Among centers, he has entered the top ten in history, and may enter the top five in the future. Finally there is Kawhi Leonard, whose career has been plagued by injuries, but he can still dominate the game. In 2019, he led the team to win the championship, which made him famous.

This player is a true basketball superstar who has shown a high level of performance in recent seasons. Although he has not won an MVP award, his performance is enough to make him regarded as a superstar. This player has excellent offensive ability, he can often score high points in games. His scoring methods are very diverse, he can shoot, layup, break through and other ways to break the opponent’s defense. His defense is also excellent, he can often steal, block or even grab rebounds in games.

He has won two FMVP awards, which shows that he performs very well in the finals. His defense also won praise from people, he has been selected to three All-Defensive First Teams and two Defensive Player of the Year awards. In general, this player is a comprehensive player who is very good at both offense and defense. His performance on the court shows his superstar identity, even without an MVP award, he cannot be denied as one of the best players in active service.

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