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The starch sausage "collapse the house" attracts attention, and it is necessary to settle the rules as soon as possible

On the day of this year’s “March 15”, exposed some manufacturers to make starch sausage use chicken bone mud instead of chicken, with the secondary charging, the fat content of the fat content, and no special national standard, which aroused public opinion.

Overnight, the net red snacks that once all over the country quickly appeared on the blacklist of consumers. A large number of dealers were returned in batches.Industry, the sales volume is almost cut “, the issues of related food safety and industry norms have been pushed to the public vision.

According to the Big Data of the Red Network Public Opinion Center, as of 14:00 on March 20, the relevant information of the entire network was about 150,000, the interactive volume reached 23 million, and the influence value reached 24.8 billion.#I did not expect that the starch sausage also had a one -day intercourse.CCTV, China Economic Net, Global Network, Beijing News, Peng News and many other media followed up reports.

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Although it was only exposed by “March 15” this time, the starch sausage of some brands was suffering a serious crisis of trust.Several starchy intestinal heads have issued statements one after another, saying that the products produced by the company meet relevant standards, and none of the main raw materials and finished products use various bone mud.I hope that everyone should not “kill a stick” all brands; many vendors will use the food safety instructions of starch and intestinal supplier manufacturers as the standard when they are out of the stall.But a series of measures still cannot completely eliminate the crisis of trust.Such a situation is not only heartbroken, but also in the province -a small number of brands are not wrong. Why do you pull the entire industry “back”?

Public opinion believes that the lack of brand will cause huge hidden dangers to the industry’s security

After the starch intestines fell into a storm, most merchants exposed food safety statements, but they still failed to dispel consumer concerns.

People’s Daily ReviewIt is said that from the perspective of consumers, the stalls of the hawkers are just a category, not a brand.The lack of brand not only makes it difficult for consumers to distinguish between good and bad, but also a huge hidden danger for the healthy development of the entire industry.Beijing Commercial DailyIt is believed that the starch intestine industry has always lacked well -known brands and advertising. Consumers have low awareness of product sources and brands, and they value prices and tastes more than manufacturers or brands when purchasing.For legal manufacturers, this situation is undoubtedly unfair -they not only suffered losses in the market environment of “bad coins to expel good coins”, but also suffered innocently due to the behavior of “bad currency”.

Public opinion calls on the industry to establish an open and transparent information system

Food safety is more important than Taishan, and merchants operating compliance do not have to blame consumers to be too “sensitive” for starchy intestines. Instead, they need to consider how to eliminate information barriers between buyers and sellers.

China Youth DailyIt is believed that the manufacturer’s use of chicken neck mud and chicken shelves instead of the original meat is essentially adulterated and charged with a secondary charging; there are even some merchants who are good at using the “obstacle method” to sell starch sausages as ham sausage.After baking, it is difficult for ordinary people to distinguish between the taste of the two.Red Star NewsComments said that if consumers think that they have purchased starch sausages using bone mud and meat, the purchased product in the packaging ingredient table does not indicate that they have “bone mud”, they may constitute consumer fraud.Therefore, the opaque packaging information has made some black -hearted merchants drilling the empty, but the ultimate victim is consumers.

Public opinion appeals to clarify industry standards and normal supervision

In the long run, it is necessary to clarify the standards of starch and intestinal as soon as possible, form a standardized market order, block the space where the bad merchants are themselves, and then ensure the quality of the product from the source.

according toBeijing NewsAccording to the news, the National Standardization Technical Committee of the National Meatpow, Poultry and Egg Products, which had been drafted and formulated the National Standardization Technical Committee of the National Standard of the Ham Intestinal Quality Standard said that it will hold a meeting again to discuss whether the corresponding starchy national standards need to be formulated to regulate the market. Once a decision is made, there willIt will be announced to the public that this is a positive signal.Global figureComments that when new things have developed chaos, especially the regulatory authorities need to come forward and improve industry norms to force the implementation of the main responsibility of food safety.It is hoped that relevant departments will formulate industry standards as soon as possible to “verify the right body” in order to comply with food safety standards, so that practitioners will work hard and reassure consumers.

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