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The Tangyou Cup is about to start, and the atmosphere of badminton sports is becoming more intense in Chengdu to hold more than 3,000 badminton events in the annual in Chengdu

On March 22, the 2024 Toms Cup and the Uber Cup World Badminton Team Championships was held in Chengdu. On April 27th, this event will be launched in Rong.For the first time, the world’s highest -level badminton events were held.

From the Chinese Masters to the National Championships and the Asian Championships, and then to the Tangyou Cup in 2024, Chengdu held a large number of high -level competitions.According to the statistics of the Chengdu Badminton Association, in Chengdu, more than 257 areas with 4 or more badminton venues, more than 440 indoor and outdoor badminton venues with 4 or more venues.The average annual holding of more than 3,000 badminton events at all levels and various types of badminton events.

Yu “Rong” has become the sports fashion of the city.


Badminton has been introduced to Chengdu for a century over a century

Chengdu is one of the earliest cities in domestic badminton.

Badminton originated in India and formed in the UK.In 1910, after the feathers were introduced from Shanghai to China, it quickly spread in Guangzhou, Chengdu, Tianjin and other places.However, due to various reasons, the degree of popularity was not high. It was not until the 1970s that they really entered the lives of citizens, and the masses’ badminton movements gradually developed.

Compared with table tennis, badminton has a stronger random & mdash; & mdash; playing table tennis needs to be “occupied”, and playing badminton only requires one open space and 2 rackets.In the 1980s and 1990s, in the streets, lanes, and parks in Chengdu, such a scene & mdash; & mdash; the two picked or fasten on the street, and enthusiastic neighbors standing next to them were referee and part -time jobs.La La player.

At the end of 2003, there were nearly 50,000 citizens who conducted badminton exercise in Chengdu all year round.

In order to further promote the vigorous development of badminton in the city, under the coordination of the Chengdu Sports Bureau, the Chengdu Badminton Association launched the “Sports Chengdu · Tiantian Badminton” national fitness brand event.

“Everyday Badminton” leads Chengdu’s first wave of badminton fitness fever. The series of events have been promoted for only 3 years. There are already more than 50 badminton storage in Chengdu and more than 300 places.After a while, nearly 100,000 people.

Promotion of the competition

A 4 -year badminton competition exceeds 120,000 games

In 2017, after Chengdu proposed the “Three Cities and Three Capitals”, Chengdu Badminton ushered in major development opportunities.Leaded with world -class events such as the 31st World University Student Summer Games and the 2024 Tangyu Cup Badminton Games, badminton developments have developed rapidly. In 2018, citizens who practiced badminton in 2018 increased to 200,000, and in 2023, it increased to nearly 500,000.The relevant person in charge of the Chengdu Badminton Association told reporters: “Now the number of badminton fitness in Chengdu has exceeded 500,000 for a long time.”

In February 2021 & mdash; In March 2024, more than 120 “Ying Tangyou Cup” of the Chengdu Badminton Association organized, planned, and executed alone, more than 120 games, more than 120,000 competitions, and exceeded 280,000.According to statistics from the Chengdu Badminton Association, there are currently more than 257 indoor badminton halls in Chengdu with more than 4 areas in Chengdu. As of 2024, there are nearly 20 new badminton halls in the city.In Chengdu’s parks, green roads, and “community sports corners”, the open -air feather stadium is widely distributed, with a total of more than 440 indoor and outdoor, providing rich venue resources for the daily fitness of the citizens.

The small badminton, between the waves, shows the fiery sports passion of the city.As the 2024 Tangyou Cup is approaching, badminton fever will sweep Rongcheng again.

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