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The translators of Nagasaki Hiroshi were fired for $ 4.5 million in Dagu.

[The Epoch Times, March 21, 2024] The translation of Mizuga Yishi Yoshiya Yoshiya Yakio Yaichi, the American Professional Baseball, was fired by the team; U.S. media reported that Mizuhara Yiping was suspected of remitting 4.5 million US dollars from the Oki account to the group.Head, admit to the team’s gambling addiction.

Sports website ESPN reported that Dodge Team played in South Korea on the 20th, Mizuga Yaki still appeared in the player lounge, serving as the translation of Daguya Hiroshi.The report pointed out that a team spokesman said that Ishihara Ying said to the team after the game that there was a report that was about to publish that everything was his problem, and he claimed to be addicted to gambling.

ESPN reported that Mizuhara Yiping was suspected of stealing the Okiya account and remittance at least $ 4.5 million in Southern California resident Mathew Bowyer.According to reports, federal investigators discovered the name of Okuki Hyospermia while investigating the sports gambling operated by Boir.

According to reports, multiple sources pointed out that Okuka Xiangping himself did not gamble, and this money was used to pay the gambling debt owed by Suwon.Although sports signing is legal in more than 40 states in the United States, it is still illegal in California.The big alliance stipulates that players or employees can bet on sports other than baseball, but they must not bet through illegal websites.

According to ESPN reports, Mizugahara Yiping has been translated as Shoko Hyoshi from 2018, with an annual salary of $ 300,000 to $ 500,000 (about NT $ 9.64 million to 16.06 million yuan).

In addition to serving as a translation, Mizuhara Yiping also assisted in the on -site training on the sidelines. At the same time, because he was inseparable from Okiya, he was interpreted as “brotherhood” by the outside world. He also enjoyed a high reputation in the media and was loved by fans.The Los Angeles Angels in the former East of Okiya even helped Mizuga Yaichi to design a player card.

(Central News Agency)

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