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The US sanctions caused the Venezuela vaccine supply to face the health of the people’s health.

  International Online Report (Reporter Lei Xiangping): The United States’ perennial sanctions on Venezuela have caused serious economic losses and humanitarian disasters to the country.A few days ago, the reporter of the heads of the heads of the Galagas in the Venezuela capital found that the sanctions also affected the country’s vaccine supply field, causing a reduction rate of a variety of vaccines in the country, which will affect public health.

  A few days ago, a vaccination point organized by the local illness and control department in the suburbs of Galagas. Some citizens are lining up vaccine, but only the day of the four diseases such as no more than 100 doses for tetanus, yellow fever, and new crown pneumonia.Vaccination.If you do not apply in advance, the vaccine cannot be vaccinated.Some citizens expressed their difficulties encountered in vaccine.

  Louisa Camona worked at a grass -roots disease control center in Galagas and was responsible for connecting the vaccination needs of 13 community residents.The reporter found at the scene that the total population of these communities exceeded 20,000, but the vaccine in the vaccine storage room of the Disease Control Center was limited, and there were only six or seven types.Louisa said that external sanctions led to a decline in Venezuela’s vaccine supply. Without international organizations’ donations on Venezuela, it would be difficult to provide vaccine vaccination for these community residents.”Due to sanctions, Venezuela has decreased in the supply of vaccine, but the commission and government have taken measures to obtain the vaccine. Now we have eased some of the negative impacts brought by sanctions. With the help of the World Health Organization, we can get some important important things.Vaccine. “

  After visiting many hospitals and vaccination points, the reporter found that the problem of procurement caused by US sanctions still has problems in the local area.The price of vaccination is extremely high.Recently, a friend of the reporter was bitten by a dog. He went to a private hospital with good local conditions to ask for inoculation rabies vaccine, but this hospital did not have such vaccines. The doctor suggested that the tetanus vaccine, but the cost is a needle.1,000.These are enough to prove that vaccine resources are relatively scarce in the local area.

  Relevant reports issued by the Venezuela government in June last year showed that the difficulty of vaccine procurement caused by sanctions caused the country to take over the vaccination rate of spinal ash, influenza, and five -virus,Negative impact.UNDADDDA Ulbina, vice chairman of Venezuela National Medical Association, believes that the shortage of vaccine may lead to some epidemic rolls in the country.”Venezuela has a large risk of measles again. Although there are no new measles since 2019, people who have come from other countries may spread this disease because of the low vaccination rate.The vaccination rate is not satisfactory, about 45-48%, so the government wants to purchase good quality vaccines and provide vaccination services for the people. “

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