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This is this tide!Look at the "Fashion Scriptures" of Chinese clothes

How tide is the Chinese service?”March 3″ Guangxi tells you.During the March 3rd in Guangxi in 2024, Bazui was everywhere, and men, women, and children put on national costumes to celebrate the festival, and the sense of atmosphere was full.

During the March 3rd of 2024, Guangxi Cloud launched the theme planning of the “Chinese Clothing Dangchao” ethnic costume, setting off a “transformation” boom in the national style shirt.Deng Zilin editing
The tide of Chinese clothes is not only in Guangxi.The “China China Service Day” was initiated by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League in the third day of March of the lunar calendar. This year’s “China Chinese Service Week” series of activities was held in Shanghai. Chinese service enthusiasts from all over the country enjoyed the ceremony.Today, more and more young people are wearing Chinese clothes at tourist attractions and streets, showing their cultural self -confidence and pride of nationality.
The girls took a photo in Nanhu Park, Nanning City.Netizen Junjun Pictures
Behind the “fire out of fire”, what kind of times are the trend of the times?How did Guangxi’s “Tide” help it?Reporter conducted an interview.
The clothes are hit for thousands of years,
Chinese clothing is the abbreviation of traditional Chinese national costumes, and also includes improved styles based on traditional clothing.The Chinese service carries the culture of the Chinese nation, reflecting the long history of the communication and exchanges of all ethnic groups.
Every year, the two nationwide sessions, the ethnic minority representatives and members wearing the costumes are a beautiful landscape.This year, Dong Yuelin, deputy dean of the National People’s Congress and Deputy Dean of the Language, Culture and International Institute of Education of Liuzhou Institute of Technology, Su Haizhen, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and the inheritance of the Beijing -style dioxide autonomous region, brought the “most dazzling national style” to the Great Hall of the People.They said that participating in the two sessions in their own national costumes not only express respect and attention, but also reflect the atmosphere of multi -national unity, and at the same time show national culture to the world’s media.
Dong Yuelin (left) of the National People’s Congress and Su Haizhen (right), a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, wore carefully prepared Zhuang and Beijing clothing respectively to participate in the 2024 National Council.Interviewee confession
“Guangxi’s ethnic minority clothing and accessories are exquisite and beautiful. I have always wanted to integrate these ethnic elements into short video creation to show everyone different Guangxi.” China Short Video Conference Fashion Circuit of 2023After the 95th Guangxi photographer A Jing Zi, the national elements were incorporated into short video creation, and the short videos of the Zhuang, Dai, Yao, Miao, Miao, Mao Nan, and other national costumes were released on social platforms.The sound platform received 58 million viewing.
A Jing Zi shot.Interviewee confession
Before the advent of March 3 this year, local national clothing stores ushered in sales.In order to drive the national wind shirt, some merchants said that “sewing machines have to step on smoke.””I bought two sets of Zhuang clothing for her daughter, and she said she was like a princess.” Ms. Liang, Nanning, said that the child was in the first grade of elementary school and wore a Chinese suit to participate in the March 3 event organized by the school.Learn more about the culture of various ethnic groups in Yu Le.On April 13th, Ms. Huang Huang wore the Song Dynasty Hanfu to participate in the first flower ceremony of the Huazhao Village in Beihai., Play in Hanfu on holidays. “
Guangxi Cloud launched the theme planning of the “Hua Suo Tide” national costume, which set off a wave of “change” of the national style shirt.The National Religious Affairs Committee of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, the Guangxi National Museum, Guangxi University for Nationalities, Guangxi Opera and Dance Theater, Guangxi Liuzhou Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd., Nanning Daily and other units, colleges, enterprises and media institutions, and many netizens participated together.Dangdang’s “series of planning products and topics has read more than 20 million entire networks.
During the March 3rd of 2024, Guangxi Cloud launched the theme planning theme of the “Chinese Clothing Dangchao” ethnic costume.12 colorful pictorials, decoding the color aesthetics in the 12th home traditional costumes in Guangxi.
In the inheritance of traditional culture, there is artistic reproduction and innovative design.The new Chinese clothing is based on modern styles and national elements. The shape is incomplete and retro, and it is more suitable for daily commuting.Since the beginning of this year, the new Chinese costumes have been exploded. The “new Chinese -style dressing” topic video on the Douyin platform has played more than 15.5 billion times, and there are tens of thousands of notes in Xiaohongshu.The sales of horse -noodle skirts, which are known as the “New Year’s Journal”, have become popular fashion items for commuting.
Beauty and beauty, beauty and common.From daily life to the fashion circle, the figure of Hua Yi is everywhere.The Chinese clothing represents not only the clothing system, but also the thousand -year heritage of the great powers.
Weaved like this in the future
How to make the trend of Hua clothing stable and far away, a high -dimensional challenge for clothing designers and related practitioners.
“Guangxi is a magical and charming land. The ethnic clothing here is colorful, like a colorful picture roll, which is deeply attracted when contacting.”Zheng Wenyin was a Han girl who came out of the remote mountains of Longlin. She founded a national clothing company and absorbed nearly 200 compatriots in all ethnic groups.Zheng Wenyin said: “We pay attention to the combination of traditional beauty and modern beauty. We are committed to developing and improving the cutting and sewing skills of traditional national costumes.
Chen Tian is at work.Interviewee confession
Representative Dong Yuelin believes that it is necessary to strengthen the protection and inheritance of traditional handicraft skills, but also encourage innovation. “The innovation and development of national costumes is to produce products that meet the needs of modern society and aesthetic.This kind of innovation and development has a certain degree of tolerance. With its integration and innovation, it can continue to develop. “
Regarding the innovative design of national clothing, Chen Tian believes that it is still necessary to re -design based on traditional national clothing elements, rather than simply mix and match, copy or “useism”.Disappearing will also make the attributes of national clothing culture more and more blurred, which is not conducive to the development and inheritance of national clothing culture. “
(Source: Guangxi Daily-Guangxi Cloud Client | Reporter Wei Xingwen Luoshan Shan)
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