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"Vice President Health" enters the campus and protects students’ health

“How is your relationship with your parents?” “How is your relationship with your classmates?” “How is your relationship with your own?” Recently, in Caihe Middle School Gymnasium, Family Signing Doctors in the Family Health Service Center of Caihe Street Community Health Service Center in Shangcheng DistrictThe newly hired “Health Vice President” Jin Junjun, the new school, brought a lecture on all seventh grade students.
Kim Jun explained to the students how to judge his psychological conditions and the coping methods of common psychological problems. At the same time, he shared the small tricks to deal with parent -child relationships, relieve emotions, prevent depression, and protect mental health, and help everyone improve self -regulation and solve problems.
“Next, we will formulate health promotion and education plans based on the actual situation of the school, assist the school to set up health education courses, and organize various lectures and activities.” Jin Yanjun introduced.
The relevant person in charge of Caihe Middle School told reporters that the purpose of hiring “Health Vice President” is to guide students’ physical health and health knowledge education from a professional perspective, strengthen the health awareness of teachers and students, and become a strong guarantee for school health and safetyEssence
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