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Women’s Dreams fashion show celebrating Kulgadi Aboriginal culture

A unique fashion show is taking place in the mining town of Coolgardie, 550 kilometers east of Perth, Western Australia’s gold mining region. Organized by the Judumul Aboriginal Corporation, the “Women’s Dream” fashion show featured 38 garments inspired by the artwork of local Aboriginal women and modeled by local girls.

For sisters Jasyliah-Mae and Jorja-Rai Thomas, modeling the designs was a way to show others their culture and traditions.

“It’s important to come here and represent Aboriginal art and show others our culture,” Jasyliah-Mae said.

Jorga-Rai agreed and said the show made her “proud” to be an Aboriginal girl.

Women’s Dreams fashion show celebrating Kulgadi Aboriginal culture

The show was organized by Coolgardie’s Barlardong Nyoongar artist Rose Mitchell. Mitchell believes fashion can expose the wider public to Aboriginal art.

“Not everyone likes to paint. Not everyone can hang a painting on a caravan,” she explains. “That’s why we diversified and went out and found other mediums.”

Mitchell used a government grant to purchase a printing press and special computers, and to upskill the sewer team. A year later, the production process is completely localized: paintings created by the region’s Aboriginal artists are digitized and printed on fabric at 200 degrees Celsius.

The Women’s Dream Fashion Show is more than just a fashion show. It is a celebration of Aboriginal culture and heritage. It is a way for Aboriginal women to share their stories and art with the world.


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