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Wuhan Institute of Culture and Sciences was successfully approved by the Ministry of Education and academic cooperation and cooperation education project (Hubei Daily) (Reporter Tang Tianqi correspondent Shi Huili and Chen Yuan) Recently, the Ministry of Education announced the list of the first batch of industry -academia cooperation and education projects in 2024.Cooperative education project.
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The Ministry of Education ’s industry -academia cooperation and cooperative education project aims to implement the country’ s policy spirit on deepening higher education reform and integration of production and education.The organic connection of the innovation chain.The project not only promotes the deep integration of higher education and industrial development, but also provides strong support for the cultivation of high -quality innovative talents and technical and technical talents.During the new development stage of the “Fourteenth Five -Year Plan”, the Ministry of Education ’s industry -academia -cooperative education project has also been included in a new round of general colleges and universities undergraduate education teaching review and evaluation index systems.
Wuhan University of Arts and Sciences has always attached great importance to the integration of production and education. By actively building a school -enterprise cooperation platform, planning and construction of industry -academia cooperation projects, it has established a school -enterprise coordination mechanism.The three projects approved this time are the School of Humanities and Arts “Research on the Training of Full Media Journalism and Communication Talent Based on the Construction of New Literature and Art”, “Research on Digital Intelligent Marketing Practice Base Construction of Undergraduate Undergraduate Universities in the Background of Industry and Education Integration”, “Number of Numbers” in business schoolsIn the context of the multi -disciplinary cultivation system of science and technology and art in the background of the wisdom era “.These projects involve many professional fields such as news communication, animation design, and digital economy. They will jointly cooperate with well -known enterprises such as Jane Island Information Technology, British Education Technology, and Wuhan Erqiu Technology to jointly train high -quality talents that meet the needs of the industry.
The successful approval of the Ministry of Education ’s production -academia cooperation and cooperative education project is not only to affirm the achievements of Wuhan University of Arts and Sciences in the integration of production and education and talent training, but also injecting new impetus into the school’s future development.In the future, the school will continue to deepen the integration of production and education, comprehensively improve the quality of education and teaching from the aspects of talent training plan, practical conditions and practical base construction, student core literacy improvement, etc.Quality application talent.
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