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Zhongxin Education | Experts and scholars in education circles Gathering Fuzhou Community Admissions and Employment

China News Network Fuzhou, April 17th (Ye Qiuyun) In order to promote the changes in digitalization of education and accelerate the construction of education power, on the 17th, the “digital wisdom can recruit a common education to build a strong education country -20124 (the second session of the second session of the Chinese education online) The National College Admissions Employment Exchange Conference “was held in Fuzhou.
On the 17th, the 2024 (2nd) National College Admissions and Employment Exchange Conference was held in Fuzhou.Photo by Wang Ronghui
The conference set up the two theme branch venues of enrollment and employment. More than 600 people from more than 400 college enrollment, employment work in the country, and education community, industry experts and scholars participated in the event. The guests of the participants revolved around higher -quality education and building a strong country.In -depth discussion on topics such as talent selection and training, employment and entrepreneurship, and smart education.
At the meeting, Ji Diguang, Vice President of the Chinese Higher Education Society, vice president of the China Education Development Strategy Society, former vice president of Xiamen University, and Dean of the Institute of Higher Education of Lanzhou UniversityKeynote Speech.
From the entry of various indicators of Chinese universities, Wu Daguang analyzed the differences and differences between high -quality and high indicators.He said that there are many indicators to evaluate universities in the society, but there are also many indicators to dislocate the dislocation of the university’s essential functions.
“The construction of a strong education for education, higher education is the leader, and providing talent support for high -level technology self -reliance is an important task for the construction of the education of the power.If so.
On the 17th, the 2024 (2nd) National College Admissions and Employment Exchange Conference was held in Fuzhou.Photo by Wang Ronghui
Talking about the employment of college students, Chen Zhiwen believes that as my country’s higher education is popular, most people can go to college. In this context, parents and students should have reasonable expectations and appropriate positioning. They cannot use the ruler of the elite education era. Today, the employment of the popularization of higher education today. If you still hold the expectations of “decent jobs behind the diploma”, it is easy to “touch the wall” in terms of career selection.
In order to promote the employment of students, promote the in -depth cooperation of schools and enterprises, and help the integration of production and education, it is one of the key issues in the current education community.Yang Xiaochun, vice chairman of the Employment Association of colleges and universities, said that the integration of production and education is the key to talent training, which has a significant advantage and role in improving talent quality, improving the competitiveness of graduates, and optimizing the employment structure.
“The integration of production and education should start integrating when students enter the school.” In the opinion of Dong Wei, deputy editor -in -chief of Education’s online education, enterprises must involve earlier, from professional settings, student training, internship training and other aspectsTo train students, we can adapt to the talent needs of the enterprise.
The enrollment and employment influence and promote each other, and together constitute the complete chain of talent training in colleges and universities.With the rapid development of information technology, intelligent enrollment has become a new trend in the enrollment of colleges and universities.Li Lin, director of the Admissions Office of Dalian University of Technology and deputy director of the Academic Affairs Office, said that through the means of intelligence, the enrollment of college enrollment can be more efficient and accurate.
Wang Xiaofang, an expert in the field of data analysis and the head of the employment bridge data business, believes that through in -depth analysis of multiple data, it can be effectively applied to colleges and universities to work, providing strong support for college management decision -making.(over)
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