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Zhuzhou City Institute of Education and Science: Teaching Visual Guidance promotes long -term storage and sailing

Red Net Moment News May 8th News(Correspondent Liu Qinbei) On May 8th, Zhuzhou City Institute of Education and Sciences of Education and Sciences of 2024 graduated from the subject of graduation subject.Discipline experts, deputy principals, and teachers of the classrooms of Zhuzhou Academy of Education attended the meeting meeting.
meeting venue.
In the early summer, we welcomed the guests, and the flowers were full of flowers.Liu Wangou, Secretary of the Party Branch of the Seventh Middle School of Zhuzhou City, extended a warm welcome to the expert group, teaching and researchers and teachers in various districts.He said that the guidance work will promote the school to better optimize management, guide teachers to completely change the teaching concepts, create high -quality, efficient, and deep classrooms, and improve the quality and level of school education and teaching.Zhuzhou Seventh Middle School will take the opportunity of this teaching vision as an opportunity to sort out and implement various guidance, use the viewing guidance, take advantage of the potential, strengthen the management process management, innovate classroom teaching model, and promote the quality of school teaching to a new level.
Wang Xun, deputy dean of Zhuzhou Academy of Education, said that the guidance work is not only the urging and inspection of the school’s education and teaching work, but also to point out the direction of the school’s next stage of work, help teachers deepen the new curriculum standards and new curriculum reformsThe understanding of the new middle school entrance examination will improve confidence in preparation.Teachers should teach in accordance with the standards, focus on teaching examinations, update classroom concepts, and meet the requirements of the new middle school entrance examination.
In the second and third lessons, the experts, teaching and researchers, and teachers of the visual guide group went deep into the classroom, accurate pulse, zero distance, and multi -dimensional understanding of the school’s graduation class classroom teaching.Experts have highly recognized teachers’ understanding of “new curriculum standards, new concepts”, the application of unit education cases, and unit teaching design.In the classroom, teachers have clarified students’ learning goals, creating real situations, and evaluating learning tasks, guiding students to master the law and after -school reflection, so that classroom learning is true and effective, and flowers are available.Experts from various disciplines in the visual guide group also carefully investigated the school’s teaching routine management and disciplinary education and research work, and fully understand the academic and teaching progress of all grades.
In the course of evaluation and exchange, the experts and teachers of various disciplines and teachers conducted face -to -face exchanges. Combined with the presence of the review class, each teaching and research staff took the lead in commenting on classroom design and teaching, and put forward suggestions. Based on the school review strategy, the expert group will follow the post -stage stage of the post -stage stage.Disciplinary review and guidance methods; for the characteristics of the discipline, the participants want to expand from the review lesson to daily lessons, tell the development of new courses and new courses, and follow how to implement the course goals, how to dig text materials, how to build high -efficiency classrooms, etc.The problem puts forward guiding opinions and gives the teachers.
The visual guidance work of the Municipal Academy of Education will be a clear problem, indicating direction and empowerment quality for the 2024 middle school entrance examination in the seventh middle school of the city.The City Seventh Middle School will conscientiously understand the opinions and suggestions of teaching and researchers and experts, twist into a rope during the final sprint stage, and strive to work hard.The goal of the quality of education to a new level “is unremitting.
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