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"Live" power!High -tech Zone (New City) The first "Trade Union Cup" Workers’ Games Burning Spring Day

China News Service, Xinjiang News, April 26 (Lei Jinping Yang Xiaoqian) After 5 days of fierce competition, on April 25, the first “Trade Union Cup” employee sports meeting in the high -tech zone (new urban area) ended in the district workers’ cultural palace.More than 600 employees from 27 units in the jurisdiction participated actively to show the spiritual style of hard work in basketball, tug of war, table tennis, badminton, and 15 small items.
On the sports field, the employees of the contestants shake their spirits, fully carry forward the spirit of tenacious hard work, unity and cooperation, and enjoy the joy of fun sports competition.The referees are rigorous and fair and devoted to the evaluation of various sports projects.The staff worked hard and carefully did the details of each competition.The audience was full of spirit, and the applause and cheers were full of the entire sports field.
“Come on, come on …” In the men’s basketball championship and runner -up game, the cheerleading team from the High -tech Zone (New City) Health Commission cheered on the side, and the shouts and laughter burst into the audience, becoming a beautiful scenery.Leader Sun Haijiang said that through such activities, employees were able to draw from busy work, enjoy the fun of exercise, release the pressure of work, and also strengthened the communication and understanding of each other and enhanced the team cohesion.
At the tug of war, the scene was “hot and hot”. With the referee, the players held the hemp rope tightly, lowered their bodies, leaned back, and moved neatly.Relying on the support of the faith, they clenched their teeth and struggled, marking the knots of victory, and the hearts of everyone.After 4 rounds of fierce competitions, Rongtong Real Estate (Xinjiang) Co., Ltd. won the championship of this tug of war.
“Participating in this Games is full of harvest for each player. Not only does it exercise the body and gain honor, but more importantly, it has enhanced the friendship with all units and broaden everyone’s circle of friends.”Xinjiang) The leader of the team’s team, Quan Jing, said that he hopes that in the future, he can promote the common progress and development of the majority of employees by participating in more union competitions to promote learning and exchanges.
In recent years, in order to meet the growing cultural and sports needs of employees and masses, trade unions at all levels have widely carried out the characteristics of “work” characteristics, reflecting the connotation of “work”, and showing the cultural and sports activities of employees with the word “work”., Show a good spiritual style.
Liu Lei, deputy secretary and executive vice chairman of the High -tech Zone (New City) Federation of Industry, said that on the occasion of the 134 “May 1st” International Labor Day, this employee sports meeting aims to provide a study and exchange for the majority of employees.The platform to further stimulates the enthusiasm of everyone’s love and participation in sports, and invest in future work with good physical fitness and mental state.Block construction contribute wisdom and strength.
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