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Xiaodi Jianbao | Bailou through Yang!Back to the previous life and this life with the small body

From April 23rd to April 28th

2024 Arrow World Cup Shanghai Station will be held in Pudong New District

As a category A event

This competition is not only the unveiling battle in the new season

It is also the Paris Olympic Games points competition

Top scooters from various countries will compete for Olympic points

Expand the final sprint

Before admiring the wonderful visual feast

Xiaodi first take everyone to the sports blue sea on Nanjing Road to stroll around

Go to find archery together

Footprints left in the Shanghai Sports Museum

In the Shanghai Sports Museum, there is a 1924 Paris Olympic archery trophy. The trophy cup is relatively round and skimmed.The center of the cup is engraved with the king of the gods, Zeus, to guide a athletes to bend the archery, and at the bottom right is the French version of the “Olympic Games” and the Olympic Five Rings.The archery project was a performance project at the Paris Olympics in 1924. Its winner did not award the gold medal of the Olympic Games, but awarded this trophy.

The 1924 Paris Olympic Archery Trophy

The “past life” of archery sports

The history of archery in ancient China can be traced back to the myths and legends of ancient times.According to legend, archery technology was initially invented by Shennong’s family, and then Huangdi improved it.These myths and legends outline mysterious colors for the origin of archery.

With the development of society and science and technology, real archeological discoveries have provided us with a more comprehensive and in -depth understanding.The earliest Ishili relics were found in the Yangshao Cultural Site in the late Neolithic era. The shape of these stone tools similar to modern arrows proves that ancient Chinese humans had begun to use arrows to hunt and fight.

In ancient China, archery was widely used in military, hunting and folk traditional culture.During the Western Zhou Dynasty, the ceremony was an important ritual held in the court. The purpose was to show the majesty and force of the royal power; during the pre -Qin period, the bow and arrow as an important weapon and hunting tool were widely used and developed;During the ritual, the bow and arrow were used to show people’s martial arts and etiquette, and it also had educational significance. Through practicing the bow and arrow shooting, people’s will and morals were refined.

There is a saying in “Zhou Li”, “shooting” is one of the sixth arts.Traditional archery was widely used in ancient production and war, and now it has become an interesting sports.Modern archery movement originated in the 14th century Britain, and gradually evolved into a competitive event by the 16th century.In 1673, the Royal Archery Association (RAA) was established, which is the first professional archery organization in the world.

The archery project entered the Modern Olympic Games was the second Olympic Games held in Paris, France in 1900, and became one of the 20 official competitions of the currently. It was also the first Olympic competition campaign that allowed women athletes to participate.Women’s players appeared at the Third Olympic Games in San Louis in 1904 and the 4th Olympic Games in London, UK in 1908.After the seventh Olympic Games of Antwerp in Belgium in 1920, archery projects were canceled because of no unified rules of the game. It was not until the 24th Olympic Games in the Seoul of South Korea in 1988 that it returned to the Olympic Games.

I encounter “arrows” in Shanghai, waiting for good sound

The fate of Shanghai and Archery World Cup began in 2006. In 2006, Shanghai held the World Cup World Cup for the first time. Subsequently, this event settled in Shencheng for 11 consecutive years from 2009 to 2019. In 2021, the first batch of “Shanghai events” brand recognition was identified.Among the 18 events of the event, the Shanghai Station of the World Cup in Archery was identified as the “H” event (ie the iconic event), which shows the image of Shanghai’s urban image, spread the urban culture of Shanghai, is consistent with Shanghai’s urban temperament, has a certain influence and awareness.An important event (Related LinksTo.

In the 2023 World Cup World Cup, the Shanghai station was gathered. The Chinese team fighting at home continued the good state of the new season and won a total of two silver and one copper.Today, the 2024 World Cup World Cup Shanghai Station’s Qualifications and Capsules will be held at Shanghai Pudongyuan Sinica Stadium.Shanghai Station.

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