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Famous universities all the way and transfer several times, Professor Chinese publishes amazing papers

Diao Ying was born in the Gagdaqi district deeply in the forest and sea of Daxing’an Ridge -a “flyin

Haikou: Science and Technology Painted Village Mi Minfu "Feng" scene

In Yaocheng Village, Daofeng Town, Meilan District, Chen Mingsheng, a agricultural machine, placed a piece of seedlings into the c

The birth of the first big scientific device in China

“I believe this matter will not be wrong!” On October 7, 1984, at the western suburbs of Beijing, at th

Smile cure everything?Scientific discovery of the smile treatment behind

Via: pixabayAuthor | University of EssexTranslation | CarolineGrade school | Cool brainArtist | JennyEd

Scientists track gas flow around active black holes

Japanese scientists use a Chilean telescope to observe a chaotic region around an active black hole in a nearby galaxy. For the first time, the researchers were able to track and measure the magnitude of the flow in all its…

MLS Football Jersey